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Friday, April 28, 2017


Aaron Rodgers on golfing date with model Kelly Rohrbach

Kelly Rohrbach

Aaron Rodgers stated his intent to cut back on golf during the offseason in order to get in better shape, but apparently he can make some exceptions.

TMZ Sports says that Rodgers went on a golf date with model/actress Kelly Rohrbach in Los Angeles on Thursday. The two reportedly were holding hands and looked flirty until noticing that people were watching them.

Rohrbach played golf in high school and received a golf scholarship to Georgetown in college, so she knows what she’s doing on the course.

Rodgers recently broke up with girlfriend Olivia Munn, reportedly over family issues.

Rohrbach, 27, has modeled for Sports Illustrated and will be in the upcoming “Baywatch” movie. Here’s a look at her swing:

En route to the #masters! Savannah Augusta, here we come! #thatworks

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Carmelo Anthony reportedly trying to save marriage with wife La La

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony and his wife La La are reportedly in the process of getting a divorce, but the desire to split may not be shared by both of them.

Sources close to the couple told TMZ on Thursday that Carmelo is “doing everything he can” to save the marriage. That apparently has included countless apologies and text messages asking La La to go on a vacation with him and give him another chance. Here’s more:

Carmelo’s also been doing something he never used to do — liking her posts on social media. We’re told he insists La La’s the only woman for him and has no plans to be with anyone else … specifically not his alleged new baby mama.

Our sources say the 2 are still on friendly terms right now for their son — so the relationship isn’t toast yet — but the pregnancy claim and his yet-to-be-determined NBA future are a lot of drama to handle.

Carmelo is rumored to have cheated on La La numerous times, and reports claim they have had splits in the past and been able to work through it. However, the alleged reason for their most recent marital issues is not pretty.

TMZ reported previously that Carmelo and La La have a prenup in place and believe they can work out an amicable divorce that will allow them both to remain in their son’s life. Apparently Carmelo is not ready to let it get to that point.

Rory McIlroy, wife Erica Stoll used anti-drone technology at wedding

Rory McIlroy and former PGA Tour employee Erica Stoll got married over the weekend in a glamorous ceremony at the Ashford Castle in Ireland, but you might have a difficult time finding photos of the big day. The couple took countless security measures for the seven-figure wedding, including preventing drones from flying overhead.

According to a report from the Irish Independent, McIlroy and Stall hired anti-drone technology that had been previously used in counter-terrorism operations in the Middle East. Drone Defence executives Liam Brady and Richard Gill told the Irish Independent that this is the first time the technology has been used to prevent cameras from spying on a wedding, but they expect the practice to become more popular.

Here’s more:

The Cong castle was in “lockdown” from Friday morning. Drone Defence executives Liam Brady and Richard Gill – speaking exclusively to the Irish Independent – said the technology deployed to prevent camera-equipped drones will shortly be used widely in Ireland and other European cities.

“This is the first time this kind of technology has been used here,” Mr Brady said.

Mr Gill explained that their system enables the detection of unsanctioned drones that enter controlled airspace. “The drones are then either taken under our control by special technology or they are disabled by the use of a deployed net.”

If you thought Michael Jordan and his wife went to great lengths to protect their privacy when they got married a few years back, it sounds like McIlroy and Stoll managed to outdo them. Gone are the days where guests are simply asked to leave their cell phones at the door.

Rickie Fowler, Allison Stokke spark dating rumors with social media posts

Rickie Fowler spent some time with pole vaulting sensation Allison Stokke over the weekend, and we all know what that means.

Cue the dating rumors.

Fowler and Stokke, who was on the pole vaulting team at Cal, attended the MotoGP Grand Prix of the Americas on Sunday. Naturally, everyone wants to know if they arrived together.

I won!

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We tied?

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Fowler and Stokke, both 28, are the same age. Fowler has seemingly been single since he broke up with model Alexis Randock, and he even mocks himself over it on occasion. Stokke, a former All-American, is now a fitness model who has nearly 300,000 Instagram followers.

Dare we say they’d make a pretty great couple? You can see more photos of Stokke here.

Carmelo Anthony, wife La La reportedly believe they can work out amicable divorce

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony and his wife La La appear to be headed for a divorce, but there are signs that they don’t expect it to be a messy one.

TMZ reports that Carmelo and La La have already worked out a temporary custody agreement in which La La will get primary custody of the couple’s 10-year-old son Kiyan and Carmelo will get visitation rights. The agreement permits Carmelo to contact Kiyan whenever he pleases and spend as much time with his son as he would like.

Furthermore, TMZ claims Carmelo and La La believe they can work out all of the details of their divorce without going to court, which is extremely rare with a high-profile split that involves a lot of money. A lot of that reportedly has to do with La La’s belief that Carmelo is a great father and the couple’s desire to maintain a stable relationship for their son.

While a previous report indicated Carmelo and La La were optimistic they could work things out, TMZ’s source says they are “absolutely getting divorced.”

Anthony has been dogged by cheating rumors for years, and the latest one is not pretty. He and La La reportedly have a prenup, so that should help in working out the details of the divorce.

Carmelo Anthony, wife La La divorce could be held up by prenup

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony and his wife La La appear to be headed for a divorce, but there will apparently be a number of legal hurdles they must clear before any official split can be finalized.

According to a report from TMZ, Anthony and his wife signed a prenup before they got married in 2010, and it “benefits Carmelo way more than La La.” Carmelo, who is entering the final year of a five-year, $124 million contract he signed with the New York Knicks, has made more than $200 million on the court in his career. He also has lucrative endorsement deals with Jordan, Foot Locker and other brands.

The prenup is obviously designed to protect Carmelo more than La La, but Mrs. Anthony was earning money as an on-air personality for MTV when she first met Carmelo. She has also continued with some actress, modeling and producer work.

Many prenuptial agreements are altered or voided if one person cheats, and there are rumors that Carmelo has cheated on La La for years and impregnated a stripper. Those allegations — if La La is even the one making them — would need to be sorted through in court.

Page Six has been reporting that Carmelo and La La have had marital problems for years, and one source told the gossip publication that their marriage has been “more of a business arrangement” for quite some time. They apparently split three years ago and ended up getting back together, though some of the details surrounding this rough patch (read more here) make that seem unlikely this time around.

In any event, a high profile split is rarely a simple situation. Carmelo and La La, who have a son together, will almost certainly be no exception.

Carmelo Anthony, wife La La reportedly not planning to file for divorce

Carmelo Anthony and his wife La La are seemingly going through a rough patch in their marriage, but they reportedly have no plans to file for divorce.

At least not yet.

Several sources told Page Six that this is not the first time Carmelo and La La have separated. Rumors of infidelity have surrounded Anthony for years, but the couple has worked things out before and is not ruling out doing it again.

“They’ve been living separately for several months. They’ve broken up in the past, they split three years ago, gave it some time and then got back together,” one person told Page Six. “They’re hoping the same works again.”

The most recent report about Anthony cheating claims the New York Knicks star impregnated a stripper, but one person close to Carmelo says that rumor is false.

“The stripper pregnancy rumor is not true,” another insider told Page Six. “Yes he’s not been perfect, but the baby with a stripper isn’t true.”

Others claim Anthony has been hooking up with women for years while married to La La, with one even saying Carmelo uses the tag line “She’s married, I’m not.” For what it’s worth, both Carmelo and La La were spotted out in public recently without their wedding bands on.

Between the marital issues and the recent drama involving Phil Jackson and Carmelo, this could be a very long offseason for the Anthony family.

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