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Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Chris Neil pours blood after taking puck to the face (GIF)

Chris-Neil-bleedingOttawa Senators forward Chris Neil took a puck to the face in the third period of a win over the Montreal Canadiens on Thursday night. Teammate Erik Karlsson went to flip the puck into the attacking zone and it caught Neil near the right eye, leaving a gash that went from above his eyebrow to the bottom of his nostril. There was a lot of blood.

In typical hockey player fashion, Neil missed only a shift and returned after getting stitched up. His new nickname could easily be “Scarface” once the wound heals.

We thought watching players pull out their own teeth was tough, but that made me cringe. I’d probably pass out if I saw that much blood pouring from my face.

GIF via Bonk’s Mullet

Steve Downie has a brutal shiner from Aaron Volpatti fight

Believe it or not, the worst injury from last Friday’s game between the Philadelphia Flyers and Washington Capitals had nothing to do with the line brawl that broke out in the third period. Earlier in the game, Flyers forward Steve Downie dropped the gloves with Capitals forward Aaron Volpatti. The end result was painful for Downie. Here’s what his eye looked like just after the fight ended:


Volpatti, who is known for being a great fighter, rocked Downie with a left hand directly to the right eye. According to Eye on Hockey, Downie remained in the hospital for two nights after the game for observation. Reporters got a look at the aftermath on Thursday:


Blackhawks fans rip Adam Pardy’s helmet off, dump beer on him (Video)

Winnipeg Jets defenseman Adam Pardy went through the glass on a check during a 4-1 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks on Wednesday night, and Hawks fans didn’t exactly give him a warm welcome.

The Jets defenseman had his helmet ripped off by a rowdy fan, and a few seconds later he got a beer dumped on him.

The best part was the way the drunk fan who scalped Pardy proudly put on the helmet and raised his arm in victory after grabbing his trophy:

Adam Pardy Blackhawks fan

Oh, and no surprise, the woman who was with said fan dumped the beer on Pardy. As if Pardy was the one to blame for breaking the glass.

The behavior of the Chicago fans shouldn’t come as a surprise; Shane Victorino and Garrett Jones could tell you about the times they had beers poured on them, too.

Capitals-Flyers line brawl leads to goalie fight (Video)

If there’s one thing that most hockey fans can agree on, it’s that goalie fights are about as good as it gets. And that’s what the fans saw on Friday night in Philadelphia during the Flyers’ 7-0 loss to the Washington Capitals.

Ray Emery Braden Holtby fightFrustrated over getting blown out, Flyers winger Wayne Simmonds laid a couple of hard hits after the faceoff following the Caps’ seventh goal of the game. Simmonds’ physical play led to an entire line brawl between the Caps and Flyers that got extra interesting when Philly goalie Ray Emery charged the length of the ice to challenge Braden Holtby to a fight. Holtby wisely didn’t want any part of Emery, but he relented and got pummeled.

A total of 114 penalty minutes were handed out in the game — 99 to Philadelphia, and 65 for Washington.

What did Emery say about the fight with Holtby after the game?

“I basically told him to protect himself. I gave him a chance to protect himself,” he said via Frank Seravalli of the Philly Daily News.

And then there was this gem from Vancouver Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo:

After seeing that beatdown, most would agree.

Oilers coach Dallas Eakins reveals he is getting harassed by little kids (Video)

Dallas-EakinsThe Edmonton Oilers have not been to the playoffs since 2006, and the team is hoping new head coach Dallas Eakins can change that this year. He is not off to a good start. The Oilers are 3-9-2 and look like one of the worst teams in hockey. Eakins is already feeling the heat — from children.

“I’m walking my daughter to school the other day and I’ve got one kid yelling that that’s the head coach of the Edmonton Oilers,” Eakins told reporters this week. “My 5-year-old daughter gets real excited because, ‘Oh yeah, that’s my daddy.’

“Then I’ve got another kid yelling, ‘You suck!’ Then the look on my daughter’s face is one of something different.”

As we already knew, people in Canada take their puck very seriously. The Oilers were virtually unstoppable in the 1980s, so you can see why their fans are running out of patience. Still, you hate to hear that someone’s daughter has to listen to stuff like that when she’s going to school. Kids will be kids, but the parents should step in. At least give the man half a season!

H/T The Big Lead

Pascal Dupuis pulls out his own tooth (Video)

Pittsburgh Penguins forward Pascal Dupuis took a stick to the face from teammate Kris Letang during his team’s 3-2 win over the Boston Bruins on Wednesday night. You know what’s coming next.

Dupuis is a hockey player. Naturally, he didn’t miss a shift. He simply skated to the bench, took a seat, and yanked his own tooth out of his head. He might have even been going back for a second tooth, but the cameras cut away.

If the scene looked familiar, it’s probably because we saw the exact same thing from a New York Islanders player just a few weeks ago. The frightening thing is we’re only about one quarter of the way through the NHL season. Players are going to be professional dentists by the time the playoffs roll around.

H/T SI Hot Clicks

Swedish ref puts player in headlock to break up fight, makes him tap out (Video)

Swedish-ref-breaks-up-fightOftentimes in the NHL we see referees backing off and allowing players to fight. Sometimes you have to let guys blow off steam, and it doesn’t hurt that fights boost ratings. Apparently things are a bit different in Sweden.

During a recent game between Swedish league teams Vaxjo and Farjestad, a melee broke out between several players near the bench area. The officials tried to get control of the ruckus, which led to one player being thrown into an embarrassing headlock by a ref and tapping out.

The guy had no chance. If it wasn’t already bad enough that he just got manhandled by a referee, the zebra then grabbed him by the sweater and pointed a finger in his face while delivering an epic tongue lashing. If the NHL ever wants to put a stop to fighting, they know who to hire.

Video via Guyism