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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Policing the Media

Boston radio host rips ‘moron’ Roy Halladay over his death

Roy Halladay

A Boston sports radio host is under fire for his unforgiving, critical attitude towards Roy Halladay’s death.

Halladay died on Tuesday after crashing his plane into the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida. He was 40. A day after he was pronounced dead, reports and video emerged saying that the two-time Cy Young Award winner was showboating in his plane before crashing.

Felger, who co-hosts “Felger and Mazz” with Tony Massarotti on 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston, ranted Wednesday about Halladay’s death. He disputed the idea that Halladay’s death was a tragedy, and instead called the pitcher a thrill-seeking “moron.”

“I’ve got no sympathy for you,” Felger said.

He challenged the lesser requirements of a sport pilot license required to fly the kind of plane Halladay had. He essentially described Halladay as a thrill-seeker who “got what he deserved.”

Felger also noted that Halladay’s wife did not want him flying.

You can hear the rant below:

Al Michaels apologizes for Harvey Weinstein joke on ‘SNF’

Al Michaels

Al Michaels is a veteran sports announcer who has a great feel for the action and has delivered many memorable calls over the years. The joke he cracked during “Sunday Night Football” between the New York Giants and Denver Broncos was not one of his better moments.

Midway through the third quarter, Michaels cracked that the “Giants are coming off a worse week than Harvey Weinstein.”

Weinstein is the co-founder of Miramax Films and was fired by his company amid multiple allegations of sexual assault, harassment and rape. His alleged actions are despicable and not the sort of thing you want to compare to a football team that’s been losing games and players to injuries.

Michaels later apologized.

CBS anthem report on Colin Kaepernick embellished, inaccurate

Colin Kaepernick hat backwards

CBS Sports and Jason La Canfora appear to have been caught embellishing a report about Colin Kaepernick that also contained inaccuracies.

On Sunday morning, CBS touted an exclusive as La Canfora having a sit down interview with Kaepernick. They billed it that way both on Twitter and when introducing La Canfora to speak.

“He’s not planning on kneeling … he’s planning on standing for the anthem if given the opportunity,” La Canfora reported.

La Canfora’s report that Kaepernick would stand for the anthem if signed made headlines. Unfortunately, Kaep’s girlfriend says that report is false and that the free agent QB has not discussed his plans to stand for the anthem with anyone.

Kaepernick tweeted the following:

TV host Charlamagne Tha God then said on Instagram that La Canfora didn’t even have an exclusive interview with Kaepernick and only bumped into him randomly at a hotel.

“Everybody simmer down. We live in a strange world. 1) Colin never spoke to CBS, 2)This reporter Jason Lancafora didn’t do an interview with Colin he randomly bumped into him in a hotel lobby, 3) Jason Lancafora said in these tweets he didn’t even have a convo with Kaep about kneeling so how in the hell is everybody running with a story about Kaep not kneeling and Kaep never said that??? FAKE NEWS. “Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear especially if it’s on the internet,” he wrote on Instagram.

So where did La Canfora get that information? He had to clarify that he was repeating a previous report (from March by Adam Schefter) that said Kaepernick would stand this season.

FOX analyst Joel Klatt pokes fun at himself over Lamar Jackson snub

Joel Klatt

FOX college football analyst Joel Klatt poked some fun at himself Saturday for snubbing Lamar Jackson from his top five quarterbacks in college football before the season.

Prior to the season, Klatt listed his top five QBs in the sport. His top five included: Sam Darnold, J.T. Barrett, Mason Rudolph, Baker Mayfield and Trace McSorley.

Not included in the list was reigning Heisman Trophy winner, Lamar Jackson.

Jackson went 25/39 for 393 yards and three touchdowns, while rushing for 132 yards and three scores in the Cardinals’ 47-35 win over North Carolina Saturday.

Here’s what Klatt tweeted in response to the performance:

This response makes you wonder whether Klatt even watched Jackson last year, because that’s all the QB did all last season to earn the Heisman in the first place.

Shannon Sharpe: Jason Whitlock mocking Colin Kaepernick is ‘unacceptable’

Jason Whitlock Colin Kaepernick

Jason Whitlock sparked some outrage on Tuesday for mocking Colin Kaepernick, and he even drew the ire of one of his co-workers.

Whitlock, a host for FS1, has long been outspoken against Kaepernick, even recently calling the free agent quarterback an “attention whore.”

On Tuesday, Whitlock tweeted an image that shows him with a white person dressed to mock Kaepernick. The person was wearing a Kaepernick jersey, afro wig, black glove and held up his fist like the Black Panther salute.

The image was immediately criticized by many, including Whitlock’s FS1 co-worker, Shannon Sharpe. Sharpe called it “unacceptable.”

Sharpe wasn’t the only one upset with Whitlock seemingly making a mockery of Kaepernick. Many others on Twitter were incensed by Whitlock’s gag.


NY Times corrects article that made Conor McGregor look bad

Conor McGregor

Though Conor McGregor lost to Floyd Mayweather Jr. by 10th-round TKO on Saturday night in Las Vegas, most believe the MMA fighter gave a respectable performance in the ring against one of the best boxers of all time. But if you had read the New York Times’ live blog account of the fight, you would have thought McGregor lost in much more convincing fashion compared to what actually happened.

McGregor came out throwing punches and won the first few rounds of the bout by most accounts. After several rounds, the UFC champ began losing steam and was picked apart by the more experienced, more accomplished Mayweather.

The fight was stopped in the 10th after Mayweather was peppering McGregor with punches, while the Irishman was hardly able to defend himself — a sound reason for the referee to step in and end the fight.

But in their “Highlights from every Round” piece on the fight, the New York Times’ John Eligon and Victor Mather oddly exaggerated what happened, leading them to eventually make corrections to their piece.

Their original version of the article said McGregor’s face was “completely bloodied” just before the stoppage — which was completely false. They also said McGregor “was about to fall through the ropes,” which also was an inaccurate account of what happened.

This screenshot shows both the original and corrected versions of the story:

Even in their correction, the Times omitted that they changed the part about McGregor being close to falling through the ropes, only noting their fix about him being bloodied.

Commentary and analysis like that makes one wonder what fight their writers were even watching, and it does a disservice to McGregor, who was much more competitive in the fight than the Times’ account would have you believe.

Reporter who broke Paul George-Lakers tampering story tweets insult at Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson

As if the Los Angeles Lakers being accused of tampering with Paul George wasn’t strange enough, now the story has taken a rather bizarre turn.

Veteran NBA writer Peter Vecsey, who was the first one to break the news that the Indiana Pacers were filing tampering charges against the Lakers, tweeted an insult at Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson on Sunday in response to a six-year old tweet that Johnson had sent about him.

To be fair, Vecsey sent the tweet well after breaking the story, presumably after it was brought to his attention by another Twitter user. But it’s still a pretty bad look for a journalist, especially in the interest of seeming unbiased. Vecsey’s hostility towards Johnson also appears to date back several years.