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Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Ronda Rousey shares story of her nasty finger injury

Rowdy Ronda Rousey

The finger injury that Ronda Rousey suffered while shooting FOX drama show “9-1-1” is nothing to joke about.

Earlier Tuesday, we shared details of the report regarding the nasty injury Rousey sustained and how she kept filming until saying something during a break.

After word of the injury went public, Rousey posted about it on her Instagram account. She even included a photo (only look if you think you can handle it since it’s graphic).

Here is the caption Rousey shared on her Instagram post:

“So the word is out I nearly lost my finger shooting @911onfox. Freak accident, first take of the day a boat door fell on my hand, I thought I just jammed my fingers so I finished the take before looking (I know it sounds crazy, but I’m used to live audiences and never showing pain unless I’m supposed to) after a break in the action I told our director the situation and was rushed via ambulance to the hospital where they promptly reattached my bone and tendon with a plate and screws. I returned to filming the next day and finished my scenes before returning home to recover. Modern medicine amazes me, I already had 50% range of motion back in 3 days. There’s so much more than I can write here, stayed tuned via @rondarouseydotcom for the full story. And of course tune in to see how well I can act like my finger didn’t just fall off in this upcoming season of @911onfox”.

Rousey says she is amazed by modern medicine and how she had 50 percent of her range of motion back in three days. I think the real amazing part is not medicine, but how Rousey reacted to what seems to be a pretty serious situation. She continued to film, played through the pain, and was back to work the next day. That’s the toughness of a true MMA legend for you.

Daniel Cormier apologizes, hints at potential retirement in moving Instagram post

Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier issued a moving apology to his fans via Instagram on Monday, two days after losing the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

Cormier entered his match against Stipe Miocic at UFC 241 in Anaheim on Saturday 22-1 in his pro MMA career with one no contest. The lone loss on his record came to Jon Jones at UFC 182 in 2015. He also lost to Jones two years later, though the result was overturned due to a positive steroids test from Jones.

A year after beating Miocic to win the heavyweight belt, Cormier was beaten in the rematch via fourth-round TKO. He expressed his “disappointment” over his loss and also hinted at retirement.

“It’s been a couple of days and I can’t stress the disappointment, I am so sorry to all I have let down,” Cormier wrote. “To my wife and kids I am so sorry you guys had to experience that, I never wanted y’all to see that and the hurt you guys showed breaks my heart everytime I think about it. My coaches I am sorry, i appreciate the work and time you’ve spent with me. My fans, thank you guys for all the love and support you have guided me to all these amazing accomplishments. Stipe Miocic and his team, congratulations on a tremendous victory, you showed so much heart and grit, you are the definition of Cleveland tough. @danawhite And all at the @ufc thank you all for everything you have done for me and my family. This has been the most amazing journey, I will decide what I am gonna do now, and as soon as I decide you will all know right away. I love you all. DC”.

Cormier, who turned 40 in March, has been talking about retirement for around a year. He talked about it ahead of his fight with Miocic, and then again in his post-fight interview.

“I’ve long said I don’t want to be a guy that goes out on my back,” Cormier told MMA Fighting last week. “A lot of our greatest champions they leave the sport on their back. They leave as former champions. They leave their fans with that last vision of their favorite fighter on their back, [then] standing in the middle of the Octagon while their belt is getting strapped on someone else. I don’t want to be that guy.”

Considering he’s on the record saying he doesn’t want to go out a loser, we would be surprised if Cormier actually retired. Maybe a third fight against Miocic would attract him. Getting revenge and winning that fight would be the perfect way to go out, though it wouldn’t be easy.

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Nate Diaz has legendary quote about long UFC layoff

Nate Diaz interview

Nate Diaz made his long-awaited return to the UFC on Saturday night and reinvigorated his fans in the process.

Diaz defeated Anthony Pettis via unanimous decision at UFC 241 in Anaheim. The fight marked Diaz’s first match since a loss to Conor McGregor on Aug. 20, 2016. After his win, he was asked by UFC commentator Joe Rogan whether he would continue to fight. That’s when Diaz offered a legendary quote about his layoff.

“The reason I was off is because everybody sucks and there was nobody to fight,” Diaz said.


The 34-year-old from Stockton seems to have his eye set on another fight. He called out Jorge Masvidal, who is coming off the fastest win in UFC history.

Diaz is now 20-11 in his pro MMA career. Beyond facing Masvidal, a third fight with McGregor would make sense at some point in the future.

Is there any wonder why Nate is a fan-favorite?

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Video shows Conor McGregor punching older man over alleged whiskey dispute

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor was involved in an altercation at a bar in his home country of Ireland back in April, and a video of the incident has surfaced. It shows the MMA star punching an older man in the head over an alleged dispute about whiskey.

According to TMZ, McGregor walked into The Marble Arch Pub in Dublin on April 6 and wanted to buy a round of his Proper Twelve whiskey for everyone at the bar. In the video, you can see McGregor place a glass in front of the man he punched, and the man twice refused by placing the glass further away from himself. It’s unclear if words were exchanged, but McGregor sucker-punched the man a few minutes later.

Two people who were with McGregor immediately pulled him out of the bar, and the incident was reported to police. An investigation was opened months ago, but it’s unclear where it stands. McGregor does not appear to have been charged in the incident.

McGregor, of course, is no stranger to getting himself into legal trouble. He settled a lawsuit earlier this year for smashing a fan’s cell phone, and we all know about the infamous bus attack at a UFC event last year. It’s hard to imagine him avoiding charges for the bar incident, but police have apparently seen the video already.

Juan Adams apologizes for his behavior after loss to Greg Hardy

Juan Adams

Juan Adams apologized on Twitter Saturday night for his behavior after his loss to Greg Hardy at UFC San Antonio.

Adams lost when the fight was called 45 seconds into the first round due to a barrage of punches Hardy was landing. Adams was so upset with his TKO defeat that he threw his mouthpiece and exited the cage before the decision was read.

Adams recognized his poor sportsmanship and sent a tweet shortly after the fight to apologize.

His behavior and fight performance both were poor, but credit to him for recognizing it and apologizing. The question is whether that will be enough to keep him in the UFC for long. He’s lost two of his three fights in the UFC and is 5-2 overall as a pro.

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Video shows Jorge Masvidal practicing flying knee two days before fight

Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal set a UFC record for the fastest knockout in the promotion’s history with his five-second knockout of Ben Askren at UFC 239 on Saturday night in Las Vegas. Based on the way he charged out when the fight began, it was clear the move was premeditated, but seeing video of him practicing it makes it all the more incredible.

Masvidal’s coach Mike Brown shared video on social media Sunday of Masvidal practicing the move in training just two days before the fight:

Fellow fighter Dustin Poierier also revealed on Saturday night that Brown and Masvidal had divulged his plan for the start of the fight when they were at dinner together the night before.

“It was in the back of my pocket,” Masvidal said after the fight.

Masvidal said he wanted to use the move in the first round, but he wasn’t sure of the timing of it. He said he could tell Askren was falling for the bait, not thinking he would be coming out charging hard, and decided to use it to start. It worked to perfection.

Masvidal is now 34-13, while Askren suffered his first ever pro MMA loss.

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Jon Jones had to be helped out of cage after UFC 239 win

Jon Jones

Jon Jones may have successfully defended his UFC light heavyweight title on Saturday night in Las Vegas, but it wasn’t easy.

Jones beat Thiago Santos via split decision at UFC 239 at T-Mobile Arena. Two judges scored it three rounds to two for Jones, while the other had it three rounds to two for Santos.

Santos gave Jones everything he could handle, despite hurting his knee in the first round. Jones likewise was hurt in the fight and needed to be helped out of the cage after the win.

Facing a Muay Thai kickboxing specialist in Santos was a tough stylistic matchup for Jones. He said he was proud of himself for standing with Santos throughout the fight.

Jones, 31, has now improved to 25-1 with 1 no contest in his career. His lone loss came in 2009 because of a disqualification due illegal elbows, meaning he has not been defeated in his professional MMA career.