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Friday, February 22, 2019


Report: Dana White stormed out after meeting with Nate Diaz

Dana White

Don’t hold your breath on a rematch between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor — yet.

Dana White apparently has met with both fighters this week in hopes of putting together a deal for the men to face each other in a rematch of Diaz’s win over McGregor in March. He met with McGregor this week and says the relationship between the two is “great.” So White headed up to Stockton, Calif. to meet with Diaz on Friday for lunch.

TMZ Sports says an apparently upset White stormed out after meeting with Diaz. They say both sides were friendly during their meal, but things “ended abruptly when Dana was visibly angry, stood up and beelined it for his SUV.”

The two men were initially scheduled to meet at UFC 200 on July 9, but that fell through after McGregor refused to travel to Las Vegas to fulfill some of his media obligations. McGregor said he was going to retire in response. Whatever their issues have been seem to have been resolved, but now there seems to be a problem with Diaz.

What’s odd is that McGregor even has interest in a rematch in the first place. He made a significant jump up in weight to face Diaz, all because Rafael dos Anjos pulled out of the initially scheduled fight. After getting pummeled by Diaz, McGregor complained that the weight difference was too much to overcome. That makes you wonder why he would want to fight Diaz again.

Report: Floyd Mayweather has offered Conor McGregor $50 million to fight

Floyd Mayweather smiling

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has reportedly started to talk numbers with Conor McGregor, but he is going to have to offer the UFC featherweight champion a lot more if a fight is going to happen.

According to TMZ, Mayweather has offered McGregor $50 million for a fight that would take place on New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas. Floyd has already said numerous times that he would have to get at least $100 million guaranteed to fight McGregor, and the Irishman is reportedly not open to making half — or far less than half — of what Mayweather will rake in.

As TMZ notes, Dana White would have to sign off on any fight between Mayweather and McGregor, as McGregor is under contract with the UFC. White and McGregor recently met face to face and sorted out their differences, but it’s unclear if they discussed future UFC fights for McGregor or the potential bout against Mayweather.

McGregor could make the argument that he is just as big of a draw as Mayweather at the moment, especially in overseas markets.

Mayweather is all about his image, and some people feel that he retired with a perfect 49-0 record so he could build the hype and come back at some point to go for his 50th victory. A boxing vs. MMA fight still seems extremely far-fetched, but Mayweather says he believes it will happen. McGregor did his part to stoke the fire by sharing this poster on social media.

Floyd Mayweather wants to sign Jon Jones

Floyd Mayweather smile

Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s career as a boxer appears to be close to over, but that does not mean he is anywhere near done making his mark on the combat sports.

Mayweather also runs Mayweather Promotions and has about 20 fighters signed. He has made it clear that he would like to expand into promoting MMA fighters. One thing he would like to do is sign UFC pound-for-pound king Jon Jones.

“Jon Jones is with the MMA but we still got to communicate. We’d love to have Jon Jones be a part of TMT (The Money Team),” Mayweather told ESNews in an interview on Friday. “It’s not just about us making money; it’s about the talent winning. We believe in the talent winning when it is all said and done.”

It’s unclear exactly how Mayweather would partner with Jones as Jones is already signed with the UFC. But between his talk about fighting Conor McGregor and his desire to sign Jones, it’s obvious Mayweather has his eyes on integrating an MMA element into his promotional company.

At the very least, maybe the two could spar in the ring so Floyd could prove Jones wrong.

Floyd Mayweather thinks Conor McGregor fight will ‘absolutely’ happen


Even though the chances of Floyd Mayweather Jr. ever fighting Conor McGregor are incredibly slim, the undefeated boxing champion is intent on keeping the public interested.

Mayweather, who loves the spotlight and has always been a fantastic promoter, was asked again about the McGregor rumors during an interview with Showtime Friday night. When the host gave him a chance to admit he was just “looking for attention,” Floyd doubled down.

“Well, it’s really not a rumor,” he said. “The fight may happen. We really don’t know as of right now. But do I think the fight will happen? Absolutely.”

Mayweather said last weekend that a fight with McGregor is a possibility, so he has upgraded the chances. He said the bout would have to be a boxing match because most fights McGregor won were as a stand-up fighter anyway. Floyd even went as far as to say McGregor could give him a “tough” fight.

“He’s no pushover. One thing about Conor McGregor, he’s no pushover,” Mayweather said. “He fell short in his last bout, but a true champion can always bounce back. That’s a guy I can’t overlook.”

No details like a venue or financial terms have been discussed, but Mayweather reiterated that he would have to get at least $100 million for the fight.

Everyone knows Mayweather and McGregor love publicity, and that is part of what makes them the biggest draws in their respective sports. McGregor already did his part to fuel speculation about an unprecedented MMA vs. boxing fight when he tweeted this photo of a fake promotion poster. He then sent this tweet on Saturday:

Despite all that, there still aren’t many people who believe it will actually happen.

Wanderlei Silva hit by car while riding bike, needed shoulder surgery


Former UFC middleweight and lightweight champion Wanderlei Silva revealed Wednesday that he was hit by a car while riding his bike.

In a Facebook statement that was translated by Bloody Elbow, a representative for Silva informed fans that the MMA legend suffered a shoulder injury that required surgery.

“We inform that Wand has been in an accident,” the statement read. “A car hit him while he was returning home on his bike following a training session. Because of that, he injured his shoulder and undergoes surgery today. We ask for your prayers for our champion.”

Silva, 39, has been suspended from MMA fights since May 2014 for dodging a drug test around the time he was supposed to fight Chael Sonnen. He will be eligible for reinstatement in May 2017, though it’s unclear how his latest injury will affect his fighting career.

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Ronda Rousey settles defamation lawsuit with ex-manager

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey has settled her defamation lawsuit with her ex-manager, Darin Harvey of Fight Tribe MMA, and will make changes her to autobiography in order to avoid further action.

Harvey issued a press release stating that Rousey agreed to make changes to her book, “My Fight/Your Fight,” which was published last year. According to Harvey, the publisher “agreed to make material changes to portions of the paperback, ebook and audio book editions and all future printings of the book.”

Harvey had felt that little credit was given to him for the assist he provided to her career and that he was in ways defamed by the book.

Harvey also settled a legal matter with Rousey earlier this year where he was paid an undisclosed amount for his services to Rousey. He had argued that he had a contract to represent Rousey in fighting, acting, modeling and more. Rousey’s legal team tried to say that agreement was invalid.

Rousey’s book is being developed into a movie. You can order the book here.

Dana White to meet with Conor McGregor, says things are ‘great’

Conor McGregor

Dana White says he is planning to meet with Conor McGregor at some point within the next several days, and the UFC president is not ruling out the possibility of McGregor’s rematch against Nate Diaz taking place sooner rather than later.

In an interview with “The Dan Patrick Show” on Wednesday, White said he has been in contact with McGregor and things between the two are “great.”

“Conor and I have been talking every day,” White said, according to Marc Raimondi of MMAFighting.com. “We’re gonna have dinner next week. Our relationship is great. We’re gonna put the little speed bump in the road behind us and move forward. Everything is great.”

To recap, McGregor shocked MMA fans a few weeks ago when he tweeted that he has decided to retire. That turned out to be a lie, and we later learned that he had been pulled from his UFC 200 fight against Diaz because he refused to promote the bout the way his contract stated he was required to. McGregor later tweeted that he worked things out with White and that he was back on the UFC 200 card, and that was also a complete lie.

McGregor also ripped the UFC in a statement (read it here) for not allowing him to focus on training more and promoting less. A report then indicated that White was now going to force McGregor to fight Frankie Edgar or Jose Aldo before rescheduling his rematch against Diaz. But on Wednesday, White made it seem like McGregor could still fight Diaz next.

“McGregor is ready to fight on 200,” White told Patrick. “The thing that has made Conor McGregor a massive star and why people love him is this kid loves to fight. He’ll fight anybody, anywhere, any time. He goes in and goes for broke. His fights are exciting and fun, leading up to them, during them and after them. McGregor is ready to fight.”

McGregor is currently the biggest draw the UFC has. In the rare event that White forced him to fight Aldo or Edgar and McGregor ended up losing, that would devalue the McGregor-Diaz rematch. It’s best for everyone if White and McGregor bury the hatchet and the rematch happens in the near future.