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Saturday, September 21, 2019


Nate Diaz emphasizes that he is a lightweight

Nate Diaz interview

Nate Diaz may have beaten Conor McGregor at welterweight in March and the two may be fighting again at the same weight, but Diaz is still emphatic that he is not a welterweight.

The 209 bro shared a photo of a promotional image to his Instagram account Sunday that advertised him as a welterweight. In his caption for the photo, he questioned the welterweight tag and stated that he is a lightweight.

Welterweight? I been a lightweight the whole time all the sudden? #dontgetittwisted

A photo posted by natediaz209 (@natediaz209) on

Diaz has fought at welterweight before in his career from 2010-2011 prior to moving back up to face McGregor, but the majority of his career he has been a lightweight. And when we say that, we are referring strictly to his weight class, not speaking figuratively about his stature or ability, obviously.

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Miesha Tate gets nose busted up in UFC 200 massacre

Miesha Tate nose

Miesha Tate wasn’t merely beaten by Amanda Nunes at UFC 200 in Las Vegas on Saturday night. She was massacred.

Tate lost to Nunes via submission at 3:16 of the first round of their fight, but the bout could have easily ended earlier due to punches.

Nunes absolutely rocked Tate with a couple of direct shots to the face, including one punch that busted up Miesha’s nose. Tate began to bleed and could hardly protect herself, but she was able to continue fighting. Her efforts to defend herself didn’t last long as she ended up on the ground and promptly submitted.

Nunes landed 40 strikes in the fight compared to just 3 for Tate.

Afterwards, Miesha was composed enough to conduct an interview, but her nose looked completely smashed.

Hopefully we can now ignore talks about a third Tate-Rousey fight because Miesha doesn’t deserve it after this (you can also question whether she ever deserved a third following two previous losses to Ronda). Perhaps this was poetic justice as Tate had been trash talking Rousey in recent interviews, almost as if she were overlooking Nunes.

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AJ McCarron wants Brock Lesnar drug tested

Brock Lesnar

NFL quarterback A.J. McCarron apparently saw something he felt was suspicious while watching UFC 200 on Saturday night.

The Cincinnati Bengals QB complained on Twitter that Brock Lesnar wasn’t drug tested prior to his fight against Mark Hunt, a clear indication he believes the WWE superstar is on some performance-enhancing drugs.

There’s one big problem with McCarron’s tweet: his information is wrong.

Though Lesnar was not drug tested for months leading up to the fight because he only signed on to fight at UFC 200 in early June, he was still drug tested plenty by USADA.

MMA Fighting reported three weeks prior to the fight that Lesnar had been drug tested five times in a two-week span.

That didn’t stop McCarron from passing on misinformation via Twitter:

As of now it appears as if Lesnar passed all his drug tests related to his fight with Mark Hunt.

Brock Lesnar shouts out American police, preaches unity

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar sure knows how to endear himself to the fans and use his platform for a good cause.

The uber-popular fighter defeated Mark Hunt at UFC 200 on Saturday in Las Vegas via unanimous decision. After the fight, he gave a special shoutout to the service men in the United States.

Brock also preached unity among all people.

Lesnar’s shoutout comes days after five Dallas police officers were killed by a sniper attack while protecting those peacefully protesting. In the ensuing days there were other attacks on police officers. Prior to that, two black men were killed by police.

Though Lesnar represented Canada for his fight, the U.S. was still front and center on his mind, as were people of all races and nationalities. That’s why fans love him.

Daniel Cormier booed by fans at UFC 200

Daniel Cormier

The fans at UFC 200 did not treat Daniel Cormier too kindly on Saturday at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Cormier was booed heavily during his win over Anderson Silva. He was booed after snuffing out some strikes by Silva, and he was booed even more after winning the fight by unanimous decision.

The reason for the boos is hard to say, but we can take a stab at why fans were not positive about Cormier doing well.

First off, fans were probably upset about what they were watching because it was not the fight they were supposed to so; they were supposed to see Cormier against Jon Jones, but that plan was changed during the week due to Jones failing a pre-fight drug test.

Secondly, maybe fans felt Silva was not a good replacement and that he was out of shape, therefore they thought the fight stunk.

Third, maybe the fans were so pro-Silva they didn’t like watching him lose.

Lastly, it could just be that the fans in attendance were anti-Cormier. Cormier is a self-professed “heel,” so it could just be that the fans don’t like him. His fighting style of hugging might also not have appealed to them.

Whatever the reason, it didn’t seem like Cormier deserved to be booed so heavily.

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Anderson Silva steroids history makes him odd replacement

Anderson Silva

The UFC was in a bind with UFC 200 after Jon Jones failed an out-of-competition drug test last month and needed a replacement fighter to face Daniel Cormier. That fighter turned out to be Anderson Silva, who has a history of using steroids, making his selection an odd one.

At one point considered a phenom and perhaps the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, Silva has seen his stardom dim lately. A winner of an incredible 17 straight fights, Silva seemed invincible. That was until he met Chris Weidman.

Silva was surprisingly knocked out by Weidman while clowning around in the octagon at UFC 162. In their rematch at UFC 168, Silva broke his leg on a kick and lost the fight.

And then the steroids happened.

Silva, who had beaten several fighters who all tested positive following their bouts — Stephan Bonnar, Chael Sonnen, Forrest Griffin and James Irvin to name a few — it was Silva’s turn to test positive. The Spider failed a prefight and postfight drug test after his win over Nick Diaz at UFC 183. The pre-fight was out of competition, during which time Silva tested positive for two steroids. He tested positive for one of those same steroids again after the fight.

Following a year ban, Silva then lost to Michael Bisping. Silva enters his fight with Daniel Cormier having lost three of his last four fights. The fourth turned into a no-contest due to his positive test and Nick Diaz testing positive for marijuana.

If the whole point of replacing one fighter who tested positive because you don’t want banned substances, why choose a guy who is coming off a year ban for steroids to replace him? That doesn’t make much sense.

Anderson Silva sparks rumors with UFC 200 Instagram post

Anderson Silva sparked rumors that he may be the replacement for Jon Jones against Daniel Cormier at UFC 200 this weekend with a post he made on Instagram Thursday afternoon.

The Spider posted a photo that contained the words, “It’s Time for Spider,” along with the UFC 200 logo. He also wrote Vegas here we come:

Anderson Silva UFC 200

He posted his caption in Portuguese, but here is the Google Translation of what he wrote:

“It pays to be a winner? Maybe, maybe not. Obviously everything has a shelf life. The improvement requires self-awareness to know when to speed up their efforts and when to just park them. But here in MUAY THAI COLLEGE In the train until it is impossible to go wrong. And we never parked, because life is like water, if you stop it rots Is a tip !! Vegas here we come”

Silva’s post adds to what Combate reported about an hour earlier. They said the Brazilian fighter was going to be the replacement to fight Cormier.

Gegard Mousasi, Michael Bisping and Cowboy Cerrone are among the other names who have been mentioned in conjunction with the fight. The UFC has not yet announced a replacement. They could be waiting for Silva to pass his medical exams/tests before confirming the fight.

Silva taking this fight would seem like a risk considering he pulled out of his fight with Uriah Hall in May to have gallbladder surgery. There would also be something uncomfortable about a guy who was banned due to a positive steroids test replacing a fighter who just got pulled from a title fight due to a positive test.