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Sunday, January 21, 2018


Rory MacDonald taken to hospital after Bellator 192 win

Rory MacDonald

Rory MacDonald was taken to the hospital after his win over Douglas Lima at Bellator 192 on Saturday night at The Forum in Inglewood, Calif.

MacDonald won the fight by unanimous decision to capture the Bellator Welterweight Championship. He suffered a massive hematoma on his left shin that was visible and clearly bothering him in the fourth round.

Before the fifth round began, MacDonald was checked by a cageside doctor who forced him to stand on his leg to prove he could continue. He was able to pass the test, and then he was able to score a takedown on Lima in the final round, which helped him get the victory.

After the fight, MacDonald’s leg was so bad that he had to be carried into the locker room. He joked in his postfight interview that it felt like he had another person growing inside his leg.

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Twitter reacts to Aaron Pico’s vicious knockout of Shane Krutchen

aaron Pico

Aaron Pico is quickly establishing himself as a fighter to watch in Bellator.

The 21-year-old world-class wrestler defeated Shane Krutchen in 37 seconds at Bellator 192 in Inglewood, Calif. on Saturday night. Pico needed only a few seconds to show his dominance of Krutchen. He quickly dropped his opponent with some vicious body punches that had fans buzzing.

The win helped Pico improve to 2-1.

Twitter was incredibly impressed by the knockout. Take a look at the great reactions:


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Bellator 192: Rampage vs Sonnen, Lima vs MacDonald live blog

Bellator 192

Inglewood, Calif. – Welcome to the official LBS live blog of Bellator 192 taking place in Inglewood, Calif. at The Forum and being televised on Paramount Network. The fight card is jam-packed and will be headlined by two events: Rampage vs. Sonnen and Lima vs. MacDonald.

MacDonald is fighting in Bellator for the second time and will be looking to dethrone Douglas Lima, who is the current Bellator Welterweight Champion.

Rampage Jackson and Chael Sonnen will be squaring off in the first official fight of the Bellator Heavyweight World Grand Prix Tournament. The tournament features eight different heavyweight fighters and is single elimination. This is one of the quarterfinal fights.

Refresh this regularly to see updates from LBS

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Floyd Mayweather mocks Conor McGregor over alleged beef with Irish cartel

Floyd Mayweather Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor is supposedly wanted by the Irish cartel after he punched the wrong person at a nightclub a couple of months back, and Floyd Mayweather Jr. finds the whole thing hilarious.

McGregor has not seemed concerned about the reported bounty the cartel has on his head, but Mayweather doesn’t want the story to die. On Wednesday, the undefeated boxer shared a screenshot of a headline claiming McGregor is a wanted man and mocked his former opponent.

“I already f—ed you up in 2017 now they about to f– you up in 2018,” McGregor wrote on Twitter. “You’re about to start your new year off with a bang.”

Mayweather also included an emoji of a coffin.

As you might expect, McGregor couldn’t resist firing back.

Violate these nuts

A post shared by Conor McGregor Official (@thenotoriousmma) on

A crime reporter in Ireland said he believes McGregor is in serious danger, but that was over a month ago.

While McGregor and Mayweather are unlikely to ever fight again, that hasn’t stopped them from taunting one another in recent months. Even after they squared up, the two don’t want to let their feud die.

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Ex-MMA fighter among those seeking control of Charles Manson’s estate

At least three people are fighting for control of late murderer and cult leader Charles Manson’s estate, and one of those people is a former mixed martial artist who claims to be Manson’s grandson.

According to court documents obtained by news.com.au in Australia, 41-year-old Jason Freeman — who last fought in a Strikforce MMA event in 2011 — is the son of the late Charles Manson Jr. and grandson of Manson and his first wife, Rosalie Willis. Freeman believes he is the rightful heir to Manson’s estate, which includes valuable memorabilia, potential royalties from songs Manson wrote that were used by The Beach Boys and Guns N’ Roses, and the power to license and profit from future biographies and documentaries about Manson.

Freeman’s claim is being contested by at least two people. One is Matt Lentz, a musician from Los Angeles who goes by the name Matthew Roberts. Lentz was adopted as a newborn in Illinois, and he claims to have a will that was signed by Manson in 2017 naming memorabilia collector Ben Gurecki as executor and Lentz as beneficiary. Lentz is also seeking a DNA test of Manson’s remains that he believes will show he is related to Manson and Freeman is not.

The third person seeking control of Manson’s estate is a longtime pen pal named Michael Channels, who says Manson wanted him to be the executor and heir to his estate and not his children. Manson also has a son named Michael Brunner, but it is believed that Brunner severed his ties with his biological father and wants nothing to do with his estate.

Freeman was 6-4 in his MMA career with one no contest. He fought under the nickname “Charlie Manson III.” Freeman’s father, Charles Manson Jr., committed suicide in 1993.

H/T Bloody Elbow

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Dana White hoping to get Conor McGregor back to UFC this summer

Conor McGregor

Dana White is hopeful Conor McGregor will make his return to UFC around the midway point of next year.

After McGregor’s pay per view extravaganza with Floyd Mayweather, there has been speculation whether McGregor’s next fight will take place in an octagon or ring. While there has not yet been any indication either way, UFC president Dana White seems to have next summer as a target for McGregor to return to mixed martial arts.

Manny Pacquiao has reportedly initiated talks with McGregor about a fight. There has also been talk of a potential mega-fight between McGregor and Georges St-Pierre. One thing we do know, McGregor will be well compensated for his next bout, whenever it takes place.

Dana White maintains that Floyd Mayweather could possibly fight in UFC

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has downplayed any talk of him potentially coming out of retirement to fight in the UFC, but Dana White insists it is still a possibility.

White appeared on FS1’s “Undisputed” on Thursday, and he was asked about Mayweather recently stressing that he only said he “could” fight in the UFC and not that he “would.” The implication was that it’s not going to happen, but White revealed that he has a meeting scheduled with Floyd’s people.

“What I said was don’t count anything out on him coming over to the UFC,” White said. “Anything is possible. I did not believe that McGregor-Mayweather would happen and it did, so anything’s possible. I actually have a meeting with those guys today — with (Floyd’s) crew.”

White also said he is interested in getting into boxing in 2018, so perhaps that has something to do with why he is meeting with The Money Team.

Mayweather has said that he could make $1 billion if he agreed to a three- or four-fight deal with the UFC, but that seems highly unlikely for a 40-year-old with no MMA experience. He would probably only go into the octagon for a one-time spectacle fight. The fight fans would want to see is Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor, and McGregor seems like he has been trying to antagonize Floyd on social media. However, the two are in different weight classes.

With all the money that was made in the Mayweather-McGregor fight, it’s no surprise White still wants to be in business with Mayweather in some capacity. That’s probably why he is doing his best to keep the buzz alive.

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