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Monday, July 13, 2020

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer competing to be first $100 million tennis player

Novak Djokovic celebration

With the Australian Open just around the corner, both Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer will have the opportunity to do what no tennis player has done before: break the $100 million barrier in on-court earnings.

According to NDTV Sports, Djokovic enters the season with just over $94 million to his name, while Federer has claimed $97.3 million in career winnings.

On the surface, Federer seems more likely to surpass the $100 million mark first, especially given that the winner of the Aussie Open will claim a $3.85 million prize. However, Federer, at age 34, hasn’t won a major since 2012, while the 28-year-old Djokovic is the reigning men’s champion at the event.

For both men, it is a matter of when, not if, and nobody else even threatens their chances. Rafael Nadal’s career earnings are at $75 million, while Serena Williams has earned around $74 million in the less lucrative women’s game. It will definitely be a subplot to watch once everyone convenes in Melbourne in just over three weeks.

Roger Federer wife, Novak Djokovic wife battle for cheers

It wasn’t just Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer battling at the US Open on Sunday; their wives were also dueling.

Throughout the US Open finals, ESPN’s cameras kept flashing to Mirka Federer and Jelena Djokovic for their reactions to the action. At times they were tense, but the rest of the time they were their husbands’ biggest supporters as they clapped following good points.

Here are both wives as they cheered on their husbands at various points in the match:

Roger Federer wife Mirka

Novak Djokovic wife Jelena

Mirka was joined in the Federer box by Roger’s dad and coach Stefan Edberg. Coach oris Becker was also in Djokovic’s box along with Jelena.

Federer’s children — two sets of twins — must have been at home. Ditto with Djokovic’s son, who was born last year, months after Nole and Jelena got married during the summer. The Djokovics have been dating since 2005, while the Federers have been married since 2009. Cool fact: Roger’s wife Mirka used to be a professional tennis player and the two met at the 2000 Olympics.

Novak Djokovic plays with bloody elbow in US Open finals

Novak Djokovic bloody elbow

Novak Djokovic proved on Sunday that tennis is for tough guys.

Djokovic slipped while going for a drop volley in the first set of the US Open finals against Roger Federer and ended up bleeding from the scrapes. Here’s where he fell:

He was bleeding around his elbow and also by the back of his hand, but he kept on playing:

Nole might not be able to rip his shirt apart, but he is tough enough to play through some scrapes.

Novak Djokovic goes nuts yelling at his box (Video)

Novak Djokovic yelling

Novak Djokovic remains high strung even when he is winning.

During his quarterfinals match against Feliciano Lopez at the US Open on Tuesday night, cameras caught Nole yelling things to his box. This came after he dropped the second set, leading him to take off his shirt and slam his racket.

It was more of the same in the third set even when he was leading:

Was he yelling encouragement at himself? Messages to his wife, coach and family in his box? If you speak Serbian, get at me.

Novak Djokovic bothered by someone smoking weed courtside (Video)

Novak Djokovic defeated Jeremy Chardy in the semifinal of the Rogers Cup on Saturday despite a very pungent smell that was apparently distracting him.

At one point between sets, Djokovic complained to the chair umpire that he could smell marijuana smoke and was getting dizzy.

“Somebody is getting high,” Djokovic said. “No, honestly, do you smell it? The whole stadium smells it.”


After he defeated Chardy to advance to the finals against Andy Murray, Djokovic told reporters that he first noticed the smell during a doubles match on Friday.

“You can’t believe how bad it was. Yesterday in the doubles match, today again. Somebody’s really enjoying his life around the tennis court,” he joked, according to BBC Sport. “Whoever it is, I hope he doesn’t come back tomorrow. He’s probably on the seventh sky somewhere.”

Djokovic may have proved last month that he likes eating grass, but that doesn’t mean he wants anyone smoking it around him while he’s trying to compete.

Video via Deadspin

Djokovic, Serena celebrate Wimbledon victories by dancing to Bee Gees (Video)


Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams took home the trophies at Wimbledon over the weekend and proceeded to celebrate with one another in the best way possible.

At the annual Wimbledon Champions’ Ball on Sunday night, the duo brought back an aged tradition by hitting the floor together for a victors’ dance. Their number of choice? “Night Fever,” the 1977 Bee Gees hit of Saturday Night Fever fame.

Behold the awkward glory.

Perhaps the chemistry of the championship pair wasn’t quite on the level of Tony Manero and Stephanie Mangano. But nonetheless, the sight of the two best tennis players in the world reviving a beloved tradition that had fallen to the wayside was still quite awesome.

Williams, who won her sixth Wimbledon championship and now holds all four major titles simultaneously, commemorated the moment on Instagram.

Her caption read:

Wimbledon champions/ Clowns congrats @djokernole we brought back the dance! #championsdinner #Wimbledon #renasarmy I have a lot of pictures get ready!

As for Djokovic, he takes home his third Wimbledon title as well as the respect of disco aficionados everywhere.

Don’t try the championship duo on the tennis court and don’t try them on the dance floor either.

H/T theScore

Image via Serena Williams/Instagram

Novak Djokovic eats grass after winning Wimbledon (Video)

Novak Djokovic won his third Wimbledon and ninth career major when he defeated Roger Federer in four sets at the All-England Club Sunday.

After whipping a forehand across the court for a winner to capture the fourth set 6-4, Nole began celebrating his win. He shook hands with Federer at the net and then walked back to his side of the court where he dropped down to the ground and put some of the Wimbledon grass in his mouth.

“It tasted very good this year,” Djokovic joked after the match. “I don’t know what the grounds people have done but they did a great job.”

He then explained how he developed his grass-eating tradition.

“As a kid I was dreaming of winning Wimbledon. As a child you dream of doing something crazy if you achieve it, and that was one of the things.”

Who knew Nole and Les Miles had so much in common? I bet if Miles ever ripped his shirt he’d be able to tear it the full way though.

Novak Djokovic grass