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Monday, June 1, 2020


Serena Williams offers explanation for her dominance over Maria Sharapova

Serena Williams

Serena Williams’ dominance over Maria Sharapova is one of the most impressive running streaks in tennis.

With her 6-1, 6-1 victory over Sharapova during the first round of the US Open on Monday night, Williams has now beaten Maria 19 straight times. 19. She leads Sharapova 20-2 head-to-head and has not lost to Maria since 2004.

Serena was asked in an on-court interview after her match for the reason behind her dominance of Sharapova.

“She’s such a good player. When you play her, you have to be super focused. So every time I come up against her, I bring out some of my best tennis,” Williams said.

Then in an interview on ESPN’s set, Serena was pressed further on the matter and offered potentially a better explanation.

“I don’t know. I think because of her height, the ball is in my strike zone a lot of the time. That’s the only thing I can think of. But there are a lot of players who are her height and they’re not necessarily in my strike zone, so maybe it’s just her shot,” said Williams.

Maybe that explains it.

Another big factor in the lopsided results has to be Sharapova’s psyche. The 32-year-old Russian has said in the past that she was bothered by her losing streak to Serena. That was six years ago! At this point her struggles against Williams are probably just as much mental as anything else. If you walk onto a court knowing you’re going to lose, you’re going to lose. That’s probably why Sharapova gets steamrolled so badly by Serena.

Nick Kyrgios calls chair umpire Fergus Murphy a ‘tool,’ smashes rackets during loss

Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios had another eventful night on the tennis court during his second-round match against Karen Khachanov at the Cincinnati Masters on Wednesday.

Kyrgios lost to Khachanov in three sets 6-7, 7-6, 6-2 while dealing with ankle/foot issues. He expressed issues in the second set with chair umpire Fergus Murphy after the pace of his play was pointed out. Kyrgios then brought up notorious slow player Rafael Nadal and compared himself to the Spaniard, saying he was nowhere near as slow.

Kyrgios eventually was hit with a warning for unsportsmanlike conduct after cursing at Murphy, whom he also called a “potato.” The Australian player was heated and smashed two rackets, but he headed off the court before doing so in an attempt to avoid further penalty.

After losing the final set so easily, Kyrgios was in no mood to be courteous. He called Murphy a “f—ing tool” and refused to shake the umpire’s hand.

Kyrgios was lucky he wasn’t defaulted or penalized worse in the match. He and Murphy have history; Murphy issued a disrespectful Kyrgios a code violation during a June match in London.

Expect to see Kyrgios disciplined for his conduct, which is nothing new for him.

Genie Bouchard’s sister Beatrice hangs with Nick Kyrgios

Beatrice Genie Bouchard twin sisters

The Bouchard family is on a good basis with Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios — perhaps even a very good basis.

Genie Bouchard, a former world No. 5-ranked player, has teamed up with Kyrgios in mixed doubles for past events. She and younger sister Charlotte sat in Kyrgios’ player’s box at Wimbledon in July. Genie also has a twin sister, Beatrice, who is six minutes older and commands nearly as strong of a following on social media as Genie.

On Sunday, Beatrice posted a photo on Instagram of her with Kyrgios. She captioned the photo “good company.”

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Good company @k1ngkyrg1os

A post shared by Beatrice Bouchard (@beatricebouchard) on

Beatrice can be considered an “Instagram model.” She has over 350,000 Instagram followers and often promotes products as part of paid sponsorship deals. Back in 2014, we took note of her account and called it the “greatest Instagram account ever.”

If she and Kyrgios, the world No. 27-ranked male player, end up dating (or already are), we can expect many more fun headlines to come. Kyrgios, 24, has made it clear he likes to enjoy himself off the court and is known for his controversial behavior on the court.

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Watch: Novak Djokovic eats grass after winning Wimbledon

Novak Djokovic grass
Novak Djokovic sampled some of the grass on the court at Wimbledon Sunday where he did some of his finest work ever.

Djokovic prevailed against Roger Federer in the finals of the grand slam with a five-set win, 7-6, 1-6, 7-6, 4-6 and 13-12. He won each of his three sets in tiebreakers — the fifth stopping at 12-12 for the first time ever due to a rule change.

After he won the marathon match, he decided to eat some of the grass on Centre Court at the All England Club.

That keeps up a tradition that Dokovic had done when he won in 2015 and 2018 as well.

“If not the thrilling and most exciting finals I ever was part of, it’s top two or three,” Djokovic said after the match.

“It was a great match. It was long. It had everything. I had my chances, so did he,” Federer said.

This is Dokovic’s fifth Wimbledon win. He now has 16 career majors, four short of Federer’s 20 and two short of Rafael Nadal’s 18.

Andy Roddick had funny reaction to Roger Federer-Novak Djokovic marathon match

Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic treated fans to arguably the greatest final match in Wimbledon history on Sunday, and it sounds like Andy Roddick was exhausted just watching it.

At some point in the middle of a lengthy fifth set, one of Roddick’s Twitter followers asked him what it feels like to take part in a match that lasts well over four hours. Roddick had a great response.

We can only imagine how exhausted Federer and Djokovic were. The match featured an insane 35-shot rally and was the longest final in Wimbledon history. It was also the first time the final featured a fifth-set tiebreak, so it goes without saying that it was a test of endurance. Roddick retired from tennis several years ago, and he’s clearly at peace with his decision.

Watch: Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic had incredible 35-shot rally at Wimbledon

Two of the greatest tennis players of all time met in the championship match at Wimbledon on Sunday, and to say they did not disappoint would be an understatement.

Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic had several long rallies during their match, but the most impressive came during the fourth set. It lasted a remarkable 35 shots and ended with Federer getting the point.

Federer eventually won the set to force a fifth and deciding set. The 35-shot rally was a prime example of the incredible conditioning these guys possess.

Coco Gauff’s father being sued by own mother over Florida sports bar

The bar in Florida owned Coco Gauff’s father gained a lot of attention when clips were shown of friends and family following the 15-year-old’s run at Wimbledon, but apparently the establishment is the subject of a legal dispute within the Gauff family as well.

According to court documents obtained by The Daily Mail, Coco Gauff’s father, Corey, is being sued by his own mother over the ownership of the Paradise Sports Lounge in Delray Beach. The woman, Dr. Deborah Wright, claims she invested roughly $500,000 of her retirement money into opening the bar and has been pushed out by her son, who she says forged documents without her consent to make himself the manager. Wright is seeking “damages which exceed $15,000” and sole ownership of the bar.

Wright says Corey Gauff phased her out of day-to-day operations of the Paradise Sports Lounge even though she was supposed to take part in the hiring process and operational decisions. A Facebook post from last year showed potential interested employees being told to contact Wright and one other person about job openings. The complaint also mentions how Gauff is rarely at the bar, as he travels a lot with Coco’s tennis career.

Gauff has filed multiple motions to dismiss the case, calling the allegations from his mother “contradictory” and saying she has provided no proof that he forged any documents.

Coco Gauff became the feel-good story of the summer after she defeated Venus Williams and made a deep run at Wimbledon, and the people watching the matches at her father’s bar had some incredible reactions.