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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Roger Federer

Roger Federer gets huge hug and kiss from wife Mirka after win

Roger Federer wife Mirka

After Roger Federer pulled down grand slam win No. 18, none other than his wife Mirka was there to celebrate with him properly.

Mirka gave Roger the heartiest of embraces, and topped it off with some big kisses:

Her extreme love shown for Roger in that clip makes all the sense in the world.

Federer is 35, had not won a major since 2012, and here he comes off a six-month layoff and wins the Australian Open. Not just that, but he beat longtime nemesis Rafael Nadal to do it.

Mirka travels with Roger and supports him on tour, which is very difficult for a family — especially one that has four kids (two sets of twins). She’s probably heard all about his wonders whether he would ever win another major. She knows how much he had to come back from — especially at his age. That’s what makes this major so special for them.

Roger Federer: Beating Rafael Nadal again would make for ‘sweetest’ major win

Roger Federer

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are meeting in a major final again, and that’s quite meaningful to at least one of them.

Federer has not won a Grand Slam title since Wimbledon in 2012, and defeating Nadal would be his 18th career major championship. By his own admission, it would be very special to him.

Federer vs. Nadal is one of tennis’s great rivalries, and at this point in their careers, it’s something of a throwback to its heyday between 2005 and 2009. We’ll see if there’s any gamesmanship like this when the two men meet for the ninth time in a Grand Slam final on Sunday.

Roger Federer wants harsher drug testing in tennis

Roger Federer short hair

Roger Federer has long been a proponent of harsh drug testing in professional tennis, and he says he would like to see even more testing.

“I definitely think that tennis is doing a lot better than we have in the past,” Federer said from Miami this week. “You could always do more testing. You could ask someone here in 50 years’ time and he’ll say we could still do more. You could be tested four times per day.”

Federer also wants blood samples to be kept for 10 years for retroactive punishments.

Federer’s comments come in the wake of Maria Sharapova’s positive test for meldonium at the Australian Open. Federer says he has no reason to believe his fellow players are cheating, but he wants lots of testing to ensure the sport is clean.

One of Fed’s complaints is that when he is in Switzerland, he says he is tested regularly. However, when he is at his home in Dubai, he says he is rarely tested. He says he was only tested once there in 10 years.

If players are looking to exploit loopholes in drug testing, maybe they should take a close look at Federer’s comments and move to Dubai.

Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer competing to be first $100 million tennis player

Novak Djokovic celebration

With the Australian Open just around the corner, both Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer will have the opportunity to do what no tennis player has done before: break the $100 million barrier in on-court earnings.

According to NDTV Sports, Djokovic enters the season with just over $94 million to his name, while Federer has claimed $97.3 million in career winnings.

On the surface, Federer seems more likely to surpass the $100 million mark first, especially given that the winner of the Aussie Open will claim a $3.85 million prize. However, Federer, at age 34, hasn’t won a major since 2012, while the 28-year-old Djokovic is the reigning men’s champion at the event.

For both men, it is a matter of when, not if, and nobody else even threatens their chances. Rafael Nadal’s career earnings are at $75 million, while Serena Williams has earned around $74 million in the less lucrative women’s game. It will definitely be a subplot to watch once everyone convenes in Melbourne in just over three weeks.

Roger Federer wife, Novak Djokovic wife battle for cheers

It wasn’t just Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer battling at the US Open on Sunday; their wives were also dueling.

Throughout the US Open finals, ESPN’s cameras kept flashing to Mirka Federer and Jelena Djokovic for their reactions to the action. At times they were tense, but the rest of the time they were their husbands’ biggest supporters as they clapped following good points.

Here are both wives as they cheered on their husbands at various points in the match:

Roger Federer wife Mirka

Novak Djokovic wife Jelena

Mirka was joined in the Federer box by Roger’s dad and coach Stefan Edberg. Coach oris Becker was also in Djokovic’s box along with Jelena.

Federer’s children — two sets of twins — must have been at home. Ditto with Djokovic’s son, who was born last year, months after Nole and Jelena got married during the summer. The Djokovics have been dating since 2005, while the Federers have been married since 2009. Cool fact: Roger’s wife Mirka used to be a professional tennis player and the two met at the 2000 Olympics.

Boris Becker: Roger Federer SABR attack is disrespectful

Novak Djokovic Boris Becker

Boris Becker and Roger Federer are clashing once again.

Becker, who is the coach for world No. 1 Novak Djokovic, commented on one of Federer’s new tactics and called it almost disrespectful to the other player’s serve. The tactic involves Federer coming to the net after returning serve. It has been nicknamed “SABR,” which is an acronym for “Sneak Attack By Federer.”

“It’s almost disrespecting the other guy’s serve. Everybody talks about that’s his new strategy – he comes in. It’s within the rules,” Becker told Sky.

“If he would have played a [John] McEnroe, [Jimmy] Connors, [Ivan] Lendl or even me, we would have said: ‘Roger, in all honesty I like you very much [but] I’ll go straight at you.’ In my generation guys would not have accepted as it is now.”

It seems clear that Becker and Federer are not the best of friends. In his book, Becker said Djokovic and Federer do not like each other. That led to a reaction from Federer, who was not too happy. No doubt Becker is somewhat in Federer’s head about the matter and strategy.

Roger Federer was crying during ‘Finding Neverland’ play

Roger FedererRoger Federer may be emotionally tough on the tennis court, but he is anything but that off of it.

Federer went with his family to see Broadway play “Finding Neverland” during one of his off days this week at the US Open, and he told ESPN that the show left him in tears.

“I was crying like crazy with my daughters, my wife, my mom. Oh yeah, I couldn’t control myself!” he admitted.

Federer won again in straight sets in the third round Saturday. Now he has more time to watch touching performances. May I suggest a showing of “Titanic”? Or perhaps “The Little Mermaid” might move him to tears too.