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Sunday, February 23, 2020


Chicago Bears wear 1936 throwback uniforms from segregation past

Chicago Bears throwback uniforms

The Chicago Bears may have been unrecognizable to many fans watching them against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. That’s because they were wearing 1936 throwback jerseys that were worn during a period of segregation in the NFL.

Members of the Bears’ social justice committee recorded this video that was released on Tuesday talking about the jerseys and the league’s segregated past. Bears quarterbacks Mitch Trubisky and Chase Daniel, defensive lineman Akiem Hicks, linebacker Danny Trevathan, and tight end Trey Burton were the five players who appeared in the video, along with team chairman George McCaskey.

The players said they were excited to be the first black players to wear the uniforms.

The NFL did not allow black players from 1935-1946.

The uniforms received mixed remarks on social media based solely on the aesthetics.

Here’s some of the negative feedback:

There was some positive feedback:

What do you think of the uniforms and the team’s decision to wear them?

Fans dislike Orioles’ special Maryland Day uniforms

Baltimore Orioles Maryland Day

The Baltimore Orioles broke out some special uniforms on Saturday to celebrate Maryland Day, but many fans did not seem to like them.

Take a look at the uniforms the Orioles were wearing for their home game against the Cleveland Indians.

The jerseys and bill of the cap featured patterns from the Maryland state flag. Those are the same patterns heavily embraced by the University of Maryland on their sports uniforms.

Most of the comments about the uniforms from fans on social media was negative.

Despite the negative feedback, the Orioles seemed to thrive in the unis. They scored six runs in the fourth to take a 7-0 lead on the Indians, while Andrew Cashner had only allowed one hit to that point.

Michigan State football to have new neon green alternate uniform?

Michigan State

Michigan State looks like they will have some neon in an alternate football uniform this fall.

Andrew Lind of SportsLogos.net shared an image on Twitter Friday of a Spartans football helmet that he says will be part of a neon green accented alternate uniform. He says the uniform could be unveiled this weekend.

When alternate uniforms or new designs and logos leak, they tend to be accurate. Sometimes teams leak them on purpose to test the fan reaction.

The reaction to these uniforms are not positive so far. Many associate the neon with the Oregon Ducks but note the Spartans’ offense does not have the same flash as the Ducks.

Look: New York Jets unveil new uniforms

Jets logo

Things are getting exciting for the New York Jets.

Not only did the team have a big offseason full of free agent signings like Le’Veon Bell, but they added to the fresh new feeling within the franchise by unveiling new uniforms on Thursday.

Take a look at their new uniforms – Gotham Green and Spotlight White:

They’re looking a lot like the Eagles now if you ask me, especially with the green tops and white bottoms. But if this helps fire up the players and fanbase, it could pay off.

Coming off a 4-12 season, the Jets are poised for a major improvement in 2019.

This AAF uniform matchup had fans so confused

Atlanta San Diego AAF

The AAF is in its second week of play and has received a strong reception among sports fans, with many appreciating the improvements they’ve made from the NFL. But one area where the league failed was the uniform matchup in Sunday’s San Diego Fleet-Atlanta Legends game.

Atlanta’s colors are purple and yellow, while San Diego’s are black and yellow. The gold in the Legends’ pants and the yellow socks worn by the Fleet made things all the more confusing.

The uniform combination led to many of the same observations from fans:

Please tell the league they should spring for some away jerseys so we can avoid situations like this. It was not pleasant to watch on TV, and probably was difficult for the quarterbacks trying to target teammates.

Patriots to wear road white jerseys for Super Bowl

Bill Belichick media

The uniform matchup for the Super Bowl has been revealed.

The New England Patriots will wear their road white jerseys for the Super Bowl in two weeks. The Los Angeles Rams will sport their throwback jerseys.

The Rams have often worn darker blue, white, and gold since moving to Los Angeles, but they’ll be in the blue and yellow jerseys the franchise wears as their throwbacks. They were in white, blue and gold for their last Super Bowl against New England, but wore their road white, blue and yellow threads in their last Super Bowl win (1999 season).

The Patriots were wearing their road whites in their win over Kansas City in the AFC Championship Game, so that has brought them good luck this postseason. The Patriots were in their road whites during last year’s Super Bowl loss to the Eagles.

Lakers’ Michael Beasley tried to check into game wearing wrong shorts

Michael Beasley shorts

Michael Beasley tried to check into the Los Angeles Lakers’ game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night. Only there was one hiccup: Beasley had a wardrobe issue.

Beasley reported to the scorer’s table and didn’t realize he was wearing the team’s warm-up shorts, so he had to run back into the locker room to change:

The moment was already captured and shared by Shaqtin’ a Fool, so you know it’s going to be a part of lowlights.

As embarrassing of a mistake this was, Beasley shouldn’t feel too badly — he has plenty of company.