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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Video Games

Watch: Raptors get zero love in latest NBA 2K trailer

The Toronto Raptors have been, unfortunately, one of the losers of arguably the most wild offseason in NBA history, and the creators of the latest installment of the NBA 2K video game series seem to think the defending champions aren’t even worth mentioning.

Unless, of course, they’re being tooled on by the player who broke their hearts in free agency.

The latest trailer for NBA 2K20 was released on Thursday, and the overall theme was showing superstar players with their new teams. The only time the Raptors were featured was when Kawhi Leonard was depicted scoring on them, which you can see below at the 20-second mark:

A lot of people are saying the trailer showed Kawhi dunking on the Raptors, but if you watch closely he’s actually going up for a layup. Still, that has to sting for fans in Toronto.

Even if the Raptors stand little chance of repeating as champs with Leonard gone, you could argue that they deserve better treatment than that from NBA 2K. They probably should have at least had Leonard scoring on the team whose offseason he sabotaged, not the one he carried to a title.

Chargers WR Keenan Allen complains about his Madden rating

Keenan Allen

The player ratings for the video game “Madden NFL 20” were released on Monday, and let’s just say several athletes were not pleased with their markings.

Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen was among those protesting his rating. Take a look at this video where he cites everything wrong with the numbers he received:

All that is leading Allen to boycott the video game.

Allen has put up two pretty excellent seasons for the Chargers in a row. He had 97 catches for 1,196 yards and six touchdowns last season. The year before he had 102 catches for 1,393 yards and six touchdowns. Maybe he’s not getting the Madden respect he feels he deserves, but fans know how good he is.

Patrick Mahomes’ no-look pass included in ‘Madden 20’

Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes was an easy choice for the cover of the latest installment of the Madden video game series, and the creators have incorporated one of the reigning MVP’s signature moves.

Madden 20 is set to be released next month, and a snippet from the game that was released shows Mahomes pulling off a no-look pass.

Mahomes, of course, somehow completed a no-look pass during a game late last season. The play looked like it came out of a video game, so it’s appropriate that it has made its way into Madden.

Tom Brady passes ‘Madden’ torch to Antonio Brown in funny video

Madden 19

The latest installment of the long-running “Madden NFL” video game came out back in August, but Tom Brady has not been able to bring himself to play the newest edition instead of the one he fortunate enough to grace the cover of last year. On Monday, he finally decided to move on.

In a funny video he shared on Instagram, Brady passed the torch to Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, who is the cover athlete for “Madden NFL 19.”

Brady playing Sarah McLachlan’s “I Will Remember You” in the background was a great touch. Between that video and the joke he cracked about Rob Gronkowski after Sunday’s thrilling victory, No. 12 is on a bit of a social media hot streak.

‘I don’t wanna play Madden again’ – witness describes horrifying shooting (exclusive)

Madden 19

“I don’t wanna play Madden again.”

25-year-old Aaron Frishman was one of over 100 competitors in Jacksonville, Fla. this weekend to participate in the Madden 19 Classic qualifying tournament taking place at GLHF Game Bar at the Jacksonville Landing. He came to the event, driving several hours with a friend, in hopes of becoming one of the lucky finalists to qualify for the Madden Classic main event in Las Vegas. Instead, he left in panic and shock after having witnessed a shooting that left several wounded and at least three dead.

The experience, Frishman told Larry Brown Sports, was “like something you see in a movie, but you never actually think you’ll witness in real life.”

Frishman, who lives in Pembroke Pines, Fla., drove over four hours and 300 miles to participate in the Jacksonville event. He was eliminated on Saturday but was in attendance on Sunday as his friend, Darren Hojjati, competed in the single-elimination tournament. Hojjati, who lives in Los Angeles but flew out to Florida for the competition, had just lost in the second round of the tournament about 10 minutes before the shooting occurred.

The two had different experiences during the shooting.

Frishman says he was sitting at the bar at GLHF Game Bar, drinking a beer, when he suddenly heard the shots fire. He says he froze upon hearing the shots and didn’t know what to do, so he crawled under his bar stool and curled up in a ball, praying the shots didn’t come his direction.

“He was shooting at everybody. 100-plus people. I was just praying he didn’t shoot in my direction,” Frishman told larrybrownsports.com.

He was lucky that the shots did not go towards him, allowing him to survive as he remained under his bar stool for a good 2-3 minutes before things stopped.

Frishman was only a few feet away from the shooter, who also was at the bar. According to Frishman, the shooter, who witnesses say had lost in the tournament, had a beer at the bar, though Frishman believes it was only one beer and that the man was not drunk.

Frishman told LBS that the shooter was easily distinguishable in the crowd because he was wearing sunglasses indoors.

The remnants of the havoc wreaked by the shooter were horrifying. Frishman saw several people bloodied from the gun shots.

Hojjati, 29, had just finished his second-round tournament game about 10 minutes before the shooting. Upon hearing the gun shots, Hojjati says he began running and found safety in a bathroom along with several other men.

“There was no exit. I heard one shot, left, started running, ran into the bathroom with a bunch of other dudes and started barricading the door,” Hojjati told Larry Brown Sports.

He says there were about 10-15 people hiding in the bathroom.

“Some of us were ready if he was going to burst in there. We were going to disarm the guy,” he said.

Hojjati only came out of the bathroom after an off-duty cop said it was safe to evacuate.

“Your initial reaction is to think it’s a joke. It’s so surreal to be involved in that. Never thought I’d have to experience that,” a shaken Hojjati said.

The horrifying experience left the two wondering why there wasn’t more done to ensure the safety of those in attendance.

“There were no metal detectors, no police presence,” said Frishman. “I would feel a lot safer if there was a metal detector.”

He notes the events often get heated because there is a lot of money on the line.

The traumatic experience left a deep impact on Frishman.

“It makes me never want to go to a Madden event ever again let alone play Madden. Now I don’t want to play Madden again.”

EA Sports releases statement on deadly shooting at Madden tournament

Madden 19

At least four people were killed and several others wounded in a shooting that took place at a Madden NFL 19 tournament in Jacksonville on Sunday, and the company that developed the game has weighed in on the horrible tragedy.

Not long after reports of the mass shooting began surfacing, EA Sports released the following statement on Twitter:

While many details remain unknown, one gamer who took part in the tournament says the shooter opened fire on other gamers after he was eliminated. The shooter then reportedly turned the gun on himself.

Another gamer who played in the tournament tweeted about how fortunate he was to have only suffered a minor wound.

Wounded Madden video gamer tweets about shooting

Madden 19

Drini Gjoka was one of the video gamers participating in Sunday’s Madden 19 video game tournament in Jacksonville, Fla. where a shooting took place, leaving at least four dead and 11 people wounded. He was among those who were wounded.

The teenager, who bills himself as a Madden pro, tweeted about the horrific experience around the time it happened, saying that a bullet hit his thumb.

You can read his account below:

Witnesses say the shooter had lost in the tournament and returned to open fire on several people before killing himself.