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Friday, July 10, 2020

Viral Greatness

Guy offering Nationals playoff tickets in exchange for threesome on Craigslist

Washington Nationals Park

If there are two ladies out there who are looking to go to the Washington Nationals’ first playoff game and are willing to have a threesome with a dude you have never met, you may be in luck. The following offer was posted on Craigslist Tuesday morning.

I have two Diamond Club tickets for Fridays opening playoff game. The tickets include all you can drink beer & wine as well as all you can eat gourmet food. I am willing to part with these tickets to you and a friend in exchange for a threesome (two women only). I am not some old gross dude, actually 24 and athletic. I just cant go to the game and don’t really need the extra money, and have always wanted to take place in a threesome. Please send 2-3 photos of you and your friend, so I can see what we’re working with.

This is a no strings attached deal.

Free beer, wine, food and a playoff game? And the “seller” isn’t even some old gross guy? That sounds like the bargain of a lifetime, if you ask me.

We have seen some hilarious Craigslist trade offers in the past, but this one is up there with the best of them. And don’t be shocked if the guy pulls it off, either. This is 2014. Anything can happen.

H/T Dan Steinberg

Bill Belichick has priceless reaction to QB controversy question (Video)

Tom Brady had a bad game in what turned out to be a disastrous loss for the New England Patriots at the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night, and his poor performance actually led one reporter to ask about a quarterback controversy.


The Pats were blown out 41-14, with Brady going 14/23 for 159 yards with a touchdown, two interceptions and a lost fumble. Making matters even worse, one of the interceptions was a pick-six.

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After the game, Belichick was his usual grumbling, monotone, one-word-answer self with the media. Except he did give us one awesome moment.

Bill Belichick media

One reporter actually had the audacity to ask whether the quarterback position needed to be evaluated since rookie backup Jimmy Garoppolo played alright in the fourth going 6/7 for 70 yards and a touchdown. Belichick laughed it off, getting more animated about that than anything else in the presser. At least he gave us something.

Via Will Brinson, @cjzero

LaRon Landry posts funny photo on Instagram after PED suspension


Indianapolis Colts safety LaRon Landry has been suspended four games for violating the NFL’s performance-enhancing drug policy, and the 29-year-old veteran had an interesting way of expressing his displeasure with people who were jumping to conclusions about the suspension on Monday.

Because of Landry’s hulking muscles, most are assuming he tested positive for steroids or something of the like. Shortly after the Colts announced the news, Landry shared the photo you see below on Instagram with a caption that read, “Sometimes things aren’t what they appear to be.”


For those of you who just gasped, that’s actually a foot between the guy’s legs. In the interest of full disclosure, I actually fell for the illusion in the picture and some Twitter followers were kind enough to point out that I missed the joke. I’m not going to explain how I interpreted the photo, because that would probably get me into trouble.

Screenshot via SportsGrid

LeBron James hair has gone missing again

LeBron James

Whatever is going on with LeBron James’ hair is incredibly bizarre. Earlier this month, speculation resurfaced that LeBron had gotten hair plugs. Photos that were taken at a Nike event where James was unveiling his new shoes showed him with a hairline that was fully intact. Yet suddenly, the receding hairline is back.

A series of photos from the Cleveland Plain Dealer show LeBron at the Cleveland Cavaliers’ first official practice, and his balding looks worse than ever. The photo you see below on the left is from Monday. The one on the right was taken just a couple weeks ago.

What the hell is going on here? We know airbrushing and photoshop are powerful tools, as we saw when it appeared LeBron’s hair had made a comeback two years ago. But the photos from the Nike event earlier this month are all over the Getty wire, meaning it is highly unlikely that they were doctored in any way.

My guess before was that the way LeBron’s hairline looks depends on the length of his hair, but it didn’t appear all that much shorter in the photos from Monday. This must be one of those mysteries that only bald multimillionaires understand.

Jamie Donaldson was ‘still drunk’ morning after Ryder Cup win (Video)

Jamie-DonaldsonThe European team partied its collective face off — and may still be raging — after defeating Team USA to win its third straight Ryder Cup on Sunday. We already know how weird Rory McIlroy got during the celebration, but it sounds like Jamie Donaldson was hammering down the booze just as hard.

On Monday morning, a Sky Sports reporter asked Donaldson if he has allowed it to sink in yet that he is the one who sealed a victory for the Europeans with a 4-and-3 win over Keegan Bradley.

“No,” he said. “Because I’m still drunk.”

Donaldson then smiled and went on to talk about how the most important thing after a long week was that the team won. He may have been smiling, but I highly doubt he was joking. Lee Westwood wasn’t feeling all that great the next morning, either.

While the Americans lost their eighth Ryder Cup in the last 10 events, they didn’t let the disappointing result completely spoil their fun. Rickie Fowler and Bubba Watson were proof of that.

Video via Golf Channel

Rory McIlroy goes shirtless with red wig after Ryder Cup win


The Europeans won their third-straight Ryder Cup and eighth in the last 10 tournaments against the United States on Sunday. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that Rory McIlroy contributed three points to the victory, but you might be a little surprised to see the way the 25-year-old celebrated the big day.

McIlroy posted a photo on Instagram Monday morning that showed him shirtless wearing a red wig. This is the same Rory who has been known to fill his trophies with Jagermeister, so we know he’s no stranger to partying.

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But you know how we really know McIlroy couldn’t wait to pop bottles? His champagne bottle popped itself while Zach Johnson was still putting on the 18th hole.

This guy really does own life at the moment. Sorry, Woz, but it’s true.

Steven Souza makes incredible catch for final out of Jordan Zimmermann’s no-hitter (Video)

In his final start of the regular season, Jordan Zimmermann was brilliant. However, he wasn’t the only member of the Washington Nationals who impressed on the afternoon.

steven-souza-diving-catchWith two outs in the top of the ninth, Christian Yelich hit a pitch by Zimmermann to the gap in left-center that looked like a sure extra-base hit. Playing in only his fourth game in left field for Washington, Steven Souza tracked down the ball and left his feet to make an incredible diving catch to record the final out of the game and give Jordan Zimmermann the first no-hitter in Nationals history.

Zimmermann struck out 10 and walked one on the way to the victory. He needed just 104 pitches to retire the 28 batters he faced.

What a way to end a game. What a way to end a regular season for the team whose 96 wins are most in the National League. Bryce Harper agrees.