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Thursday, February 20, 2020


Paul Heyman: Brock Lesnar was never at ‘physical peak’ for a UFC fight

Brock Lesnar

When you look at Brock Lesnar, it’s hard to imagine the heavyweight has ever lost a fight in the UFC. Lesnar always appears to be in top physical condition, but his manager insists that is rarely the case. For Lesnar’s UFC bouts, that has apparently never been the case.

In a recent appearance on the Fight Society Podcast, Paul Heyman spoke about Lesnar’s battles with diverticulitis over the past several years.

“I would suggest that Brock is really now in his physical prime because he was robbed of reaching his full potential as an athlete in his 20s and early-30ss by diverticulitis,” Heyman said, via Damon Martin of FOX Sports. “If you look back at his career, by the time he was in the NCAA Division I wrestling championships, he was already suffering from diverticulitis.”

We first learned about Lesnar’s struggles with the intestinal condition when he pulled out of his scheduled fight against Junior dos Santos in 2011, but diverticulitis was also the reason he had to bail on a fight in 2009. According to Heyman, the condition affected Lesnar long before that.

“So you never saw him at his full potential in college,” he continued. “You never saw him at his full potential in his first run in WWE. He went into the Minnesota Vikings camp not only with the diverticulitis inside of his system but a broken jaw and a fractured pelvis, which he covered in the book that we wrote together and then you never saw him, not once did you see him in UFC at his absolute physical peak.”

Lesnar, now 39, dominated Mark Hunt at UFC 200 last July only to have the win vacated because of multiple failed drug tests. He was suspended a year by the Nevada State Athletic Commission as a result, but Heyman said the recent rumors about Lesnar’s UFC career are not necessarily true.

While winning a UFC fight after his 40th birthday would be quite an accomplishment for Lesnar, the odds are still against it happening.

Glove tap to Bloody Elbow

WWE wrestler Kane pursuing mayoral run in Tennessee


Wrestler Kane, a 23-time WWE/WWF champion, is looking at a new career in politics.

Kane, whose real name is Glenn Jacobs, has formally filed paperwork appointing a political treasurer in order to run for mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, according to WCYB.

Jacobs runs an insurance company in addition to his WWE duties, and he identifies as a Republican. This is only the first step toward a run, and the election itself would not be until May 1, 2018.

“Knox County is a great place and we’re so happy and feel so blessed to live here,” Jacobs said. “I want to do my part going forward.”

Kane has been mulling this for over a year and it seems he’s decided to go through with it, though he still has a long way to go.


Jim Ross’ wife Jan dies from injuries due to Vespa crash

Jim Ross

Jan Ross, the wife of legendary wrestling announcer Jim Ross, died on Wednesday night after suffering injuries related to a Vespa crash.

Ross announced the heartbreaking news on his Twitter account.

Ross had been providing updates on Jan’s condition ever since learning of her crash on Monday night.

Jan was riding her Vespa home from the gym without a helmet and was hit from behind by a car driven by a 17-year-old. She suffered multiple skull fractures and went into emergency surgery. Ross said they needed “a miracle” for her to survive.

Jan was in critical condition earlier on Wednesday, but Jim shared the sad news later in the evening. TMZ says she was 55 years old.

Jim Ross’ wife Jan on life support after ‘catastrophic brain injury’

Jan Ross, the wife of WWE announcing legend Jim Ross, is fighting for her life in an Oklahoma hospital after she was involved in a serious scooter accident Monday night.

In a blog post on his website Wednesday, Jim Ross said his wife “needs a miracle” after she suffered a serious brain injury when her Vespa was hit from behind by another driver. Jan was not wearing a helmet at the time of the crash.

“Monday night at approximately 9:30 pm while I was recording the Ross Report about 30 miles from our home, my wife Jan was riding her Vespa home from the gym when (she) was struck from behind by an automobile driven by a 17 year old young man,” Jim Ross wrote. “Jan suffered a catastrophic brain injury including multiple skull fractures. My little Angel was unfortunately not wearing a helmet which arguably would have prevented the extreme nature of her injuries.

“I will fully admit that there has been no experience in my life that could have prepared me for this life changing week. To see one’s life partner and love of one’s life being kept alive via life support equipment is tragically heartbreaking.”

Jim went on to explain that the swelling in Jan’s brain must subside in order for her to have a chance at survival.

Ross is one of the most beloved figures in WWE history, and he thanked fans for their prayers and support. We hope the Ross family receives some good news in the near future.

The Rock says he can hit a golf ball 490 yards

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a very strong man. Probably one of the strongest in Hollywood, actually. But are we supposed to believe he can hit a golf ball further than almost anyone in the universe?

Apparently so.

On Tuesday, The Rock shared a photo on Instagram of him playing a round of golf on set while filming for the HBO series “Ballers.” He took the opportunity to brag about how far he can drive a golf ball, which he claims is 490 yards.

“The world record longest drive is 515 yards set in 1974. My drive here measured an estimated 490 yards by the scientists holding the rulers,” The Rock wrote. “I failed math when I was a kid, but I think that’s kinda close. One fun day I will break the world record. Great day on the links shooting scenes for our @ballershbo. Subsequently, I also hit two other great balls … when I stepped on a rake. Ok, no more bulls–t haha. back to work.
Have a productive day.”

As The Rock mentioned, the Guinness record for longest drive is 515 yards, set by 64-year-old Mike Austin at the U.S. Senior National Open Qualifier in 1974. Even in long drive competitions, the record stands at 506 yards, with most participants hitting balls in the high-300s.

What does all that mean? Basically, we’d be surprised if this wasn’t like the time The Rock shared a photo of what appeared to be a disgusting hand injury on social media. Sorry, Dwayne — we’re not buying it.

H/T Barstool Sports

Vince McMahon involved in car accident that leaves Bentley banged up

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon was involved in a car accident on Tuesday that left his luxury vehicle damaged, but fortunately no one was injured.

According to TMZ, McMahon was driving his black Bentley about a mile from WWE headquarters in Stamford, Conn. when he got into an accident with another driver. His car was reportedly banged up, but the accident was described as “minor.

Naturally, many WWE fans were quick to point out that a minor fender-bender in an expensive car is nothing for a guy who once survived a limousine explosion.

If you want to know if the accident scared McMahon, just read what UFC president Dana White said about the WWE boss. Mr. McMahon probably made it to work on time and didn’t mention it.

Jim Ross’ wife Jan in critical condition after scooter accident

Legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross revealed on Tuesday that his wife has been hospitalized after being involved in a serious scooter accident.

Ross sent a tweet early Tuesday morning informing fans that his wife Jan suffered multiple skull fractures after being hit while riding her Vespa near the couple’s home in Oklahoma.

Ross told TMZ Jan was not wearing a helmet when she was struck from behind by the driver of a Mercury Grand Marquis. She was thrown from the scooter and struck her head, which resulted in multiple fractures. Both the Vespa and the other vehicle caught fire. Jan underwent surgery at a nearby hospital and was in critical condition, with Jim describing her condition as “touch and go.”

Here’s hoping everything turns out OK for the Ross family.