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Friday, July 19, 2019


WWE fan who attacked Bret Hart reportedly charged with assault

Bret Hart fan

The fan who attacked Bret Hart during the WWE Hall of Fame event in Brooklyn on Saturday night is reportedly facing several charges.

Hart, 61, was in the middle of honoring the late Jim Neidhart when a fan somehow made his way into the ring and tackled The Hitman. According to Arash Markazi of the Los Angeles Times, the fan has been charged with two counts of assault and one count of disorderly conduct.

WWE confirmed in a statement that the fan managed to bypass security and was eventually apprehended and turned over to authorities.

While some understandably thought the incident was staged at first, the way the WWE Network broadcast cut out when the fan tackled Hart made it clear it was not.

The fan quickly paid the price for his actions from a physical standpoint when he was pummeled by several people, and now he will have to deal with the legal ramifications of his actions.

Ronda Rousey’s husband Travis Browne beat up fan who attacked Bret Hart

Travis Browne

A fan who attacked Bret Hart during the WWE Hall of Fame event on Saturday night in Brooklyn paid the price.

Hart was tackled by a fan in the ring while giving a speech about The Hart Foundation’s induction. As soon as the fan made contact with Hart, people jumped into the ring to subdue the assailant. One of the most notable people in there was Travis Browne, an MMA fighter who is married to Ronda Rousey.

In this video, you can see Browne beat up the fan (beware: there is some bad language in the video).

You can also see WWE’s Dash Wilder slug the fan with a vicious shot in this video clip:

The fan got what he had coming to him — quickly. That could have gotten ugly if not for a couple of quick-thinking people.

Watch: Fan tackles Bret Hart during WWE Hall of Fame speech

Bret Hart fan

Things got crazy during Bret Hart’s WWE Hall of Fame speech on Saturday night.

The WWE had its Hall of Fame night at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Saturday as part of their high-profile WrestleMania weekend. During Hart’s speech for the Hart Foundation’s induction, someone ran into the ring, causing a fracas.

Here’s what it looked like on WWE Network:

And here’s how it looked from the crowd:

The Hitman was in the middle of honoring Jim Neidhart and next thing he knew he was being tackled. WWE was able to clear things up, allowing Hart and the rest of the ceremony to proceed.

Ja Morant, Murray State get shoutout from Ric Flair

Ric Flair

Murray State has a big advantage in the NCAA Tournament — and it’s not just because they have Ja Morant on their team. It’s actually because they have Nature on their side.

Ric Flair, The Nature Boy, gave Murray State and Morant a shoutout on Twitter Saturday.

Murray State is getting ready to face Florida State in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. If they win, they would advance to the Sweet 16 for the first time in school history.

Maybe they just need to “woo!” it up in their pregame huddle and that will lead them to victory.

Roman Reigns announces his leukemia is in remission

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns opened up “RAW” on Monday night in Atlanta with some great news.

The 33-year-old wrestler, whose real name is Joe Anoaʻi, came out to pump up the fans in attendance for RAW and shared the news that his leukemia is in remission.

In another video he released through his Twitter, Reigns thanked the fans for their support.

Reigns got a big hug on the ramp from Seth Rollins, one of the other members of his wrestling group The Shield.

The four-time WWE world champion announced back on RAW four months ago that he was relinquishing his Universal Championship belt to fight leukemia. Reigns’ leukemia had been in remission since 2008 prior to returning last year.

Brock Lesnar’s face at Royal Rumble gets meme treatment

Brock Lesnar face

Brock Lesnar made a crazy face at the Royal Rumble on Sunday night that got the meme treatment.

Lesnar beat Finn Balor for the WWE Universal Championship, forcing Finn to tap out in their match. As Lesnar was going for the submission, he yanked Balor’s arm back and gave a crazy face to sell the moment. His eyes and mouth wide open made for an incredible image:

You don’t want those crazy eyes looking at you like that.

Report: Ronda Rousey not leaving WWE despite rumors

Rowdy Ronda Rousey

It has been nearly a year now since Ronda Rousey signed a contract with the WWE, and rumors have begun popping up that her time with professional wrestling could be coming to an end. Those rumblings are apparently premature, however.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer reported in his latest newsletter that there is a “very good chance” Rousey is planning to make her final appearance with the WWE at WrestleMania 35 in April. According to Daniel Yanofsky of WrestlingInc.com, Meltzer also said on his radio show this week that people within the WWE are operating as if Rousey will not be with the organization much longer.

TMZ contradicted that reporting on Thursday, citing multiple sources who say Rousey is “super happy” with her new career and is not prepared to give it up. A WWE spokesperson also confirmed that Rousey is signed with the company through April 10, 2021.

Rousey said before she made her WWE debut that she wants to start a family in the near future with her husband Travis Browne. It’s possible she may be planning take a break from wrestling so she can do that, but she could still return when things are settled.

Rousey is scheduled to defend her RAW Women’s Championship belt against Sasha Banks at the Royal Rumble PPV on Sunday. For what it’s worth, we have heard everything from Rousey planning to wrestle longer than expected to the former UFC champion not ruling out an MMA return. What she plans to do seems to be anyone’s guess at the moment, but it does not sound like she is leaving the WWE for good.