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Thursday, August 22, 2019


6-foot-10 blogger pretends to be a Utah Jazz draft pick, gets all the ladies (Video)

One of the best gags in a long time came Thursday night when a nearly 7-foot tall blogger for Elite Daily went down to Barclays Center in Brooklyn and pretended to be an NBA draft pick. The fans surrounding the arena ate it all up, and so did plenty of people at the club scene later that night.

How dumb do those folks feel now?

Connor Toole, who is 6-foot-10, headed to Brooklyn for the NBA draft dressed up in a suit. Between his full beard, solid build and earrings, he easily looked like the next Kevin Love, so it’s easy to see how fans were duped. It was even better when Toole went out to the NYC clubs later that night to celebrate, all while wearing a Utah Jazz hat. Yup, he had people convinced he was a second-round selection by the Jazz. They totally bought it.

Connor Toole Elite Daily

As the video shows, girls were just falling all over themselves for him, leading him to the dance floor, trading shots, giving out phone numbers, flashing breasts, and even making out.

Now you have a little taste of what it’s like to be a young stud in the league and probably have a little more empathy for guys like this.

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Seth Meyers, Amy Poehler skewer Andy Benoit in ‘Really!?!’ video

Remember Andy Benoit? Yeah, he’s the SI writer who said on Twitter that women’s sports in general were not worth watching. Well Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler, formerly a tag team on “Saturday Night Live,” brought back their “Really!?!” bit on Meyers’ late-night show, and it was awesome. I lost it when Poehler talked about one-armed boob cover-ups being a sport.

Of course, I can’t show one “Really!?!” video without including another. The one below that Seth and Amy did when Mike Vick was busted for weed possession at the airport in Miami is probably their best ever. Enjoy:

H/T Deadspin

Guillermo at the NBA Finals tries to level Iman Shumpert’s hair (Video)

Guillermo from “Jimmy Kimmel Live” took his annual pilgrimage to the NBA Finals and produced an excellent and amusing video for our entertainment.

He interviewed several players, most of whom were from the Cavaliers, but he also got some face time with Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. Unfortunately, the LeBron James interview did not happen the way we all would have liked. The highlight easily had to be when he busted out a level to try evening out Iman Shumpert’s hair. That was classic.

Guillermo Iman Shumpert


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Lil Wayne goes after referee, allegedly spits on him at charity basketball game (Video)

Lil Wayne went after a referee at a charity basketball game on Sunday and allegedly spit on the man, according to some reports, bringing new meaning to the concept of taking things too far.

Weezy was coaching his “Young Money” squad at the 4th annual St. Louis Celebrity Basketball Game, and his team was facing LooseCannon SLIM’s squad. TMZ says Weezy was upset with some of the calls and tried to confront a referee, which brought a halt to the game. Keep in mind that this was a charity event designed for anti-violence, according to TMZ.

We’d say this whole display was surprising, but this is Lil Wayne we’re talking about. The last time we checked in on him, he was trying to fight a boxer’s trainer. This is just how he operates.

Lil Wayne basketball

Image via Daily Dose

Floyd Mayweather Punch Out mock video game is great (Video)

Noober Goober Gaming created a mock Floyd Mayweather Jr. “Punch Out” video game clip that’s a spoof on the classic Mike Tyson’s “Punch-Out” Nintendo game, and it was hilarious.

The video clip mocks the way Mayweather makes opponents agree to his fight terms, how he cares more about getting the money from customers rather than satisfying them with a good product, and how he refuses to engage his opponent in the ring.

The clip mocks him for hugging his opponent, as he constantly did to Manny Pacquiao Saturday, and shows him not throwing any punches. It was far too accurate.

Floyd Mayweather Punch-Out

Chris Rock declares baseball is not for blacks in funny video

Chris Rock baseballHBO’s “Real Sports” broke out an all-star cast of comics for its 20-year anniversary, and that included a special commentary provided by comedian Chris Rock.

Rock, who is one of the best comedians around and one of my personal favorites, talked about the lack of blacks in baseball. He developed that idea into an even bolder statement, saying baseball is not for blacks.

Though Rock is black and a New York Mets fan, he explains how baseball does not appeal to black fans, has far fewer black players than it used to, and why it is losing with America’s youth.

Among his points:

– it’s too slow

– the old fashioned code is a problem

– it’s too expensive

These are some criticisms that many have been making about the sport, and baseball is working to address them. They’ve cut down the time of games, they’ve replaced organ music with contemporary jams, and the stadiums have been modernized to appeal to young people.

There isn’t much new presented by Rock in terms of the criticisms of baseball, yet I stuck around for all seven minutes just because he’s so darn good as an entertainer. I also realize that I am the typical baseball fan and therefore not in a great position to understand its lack of widespread appeal; I’m white, over 30, and I grew up playing, watching and loving the sport because it was my dad’s favorite. Baseball is thriving within baseball circles, but it does sadden me that there aren’t more black players and fans.

Jared Lorenzen lands textbook belly flop at Final Four (Video)

With the University of Kentucky at the Final Four looking to win another national championship, who better to be in Indianapolis to cheer on the school than former Wildcats quarterback Jared Lorenzen?

Lorenzen spent Final Four Saturday hanging out with the Barstool Sports crew, competing against our buddy Big Cat in a series of events.

They engaged in a Burger King Chicken Fries eating competition:

They went up against each other for a jump ball, too. But the best part was when they got into the pool for some swimming. The Hefty Lefty’s pool entrance was sublime as he nailed a belly flop and nearly drained all the water in the process.

If you look closely enough, you can see the water already starting to cringe:

Jared Lorenzen belly flop