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Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Video: Trick shot artist smacks incredible near home run

Renaud Lefort

A softball trick shot artist went viral on Tuesday after video of one of his incredible near homers was shared by the SportsCenter Twitter account.

The video features Renaud Lefort, who has been described as a trick shot artist and comedian, smacking a backwards home run. The ball may or not have gone foul, but this is just incredible.

Here’s another one he did in 2018:

Lefort plays for Les 4 Chevaliers, which are described as similar to the Harlem Globetrotters.

He put together just as impressive of a home run video back in 2017. Take a look at this one:

Where does this guy even come up with the ideas for how to execute those trick shots? I couldn’t even imagine thinking of them, let along executing them. Those are awesome.

Aymeric Laporte responds to FIFA gamer’s hilariously disrespectful Kylian Mbappe video

Aymeric Laporte FIFA

Aymeric Laporte offered a hilarious response on Twitter to a FIFA gamer’s video, and my friends, this is a good one.

In order to appreciate the beauty of this video, you have to understand the background. The person in this video is Castro 1021, who is a famous FIFA gamer. As told to me by our Grey Papke, Castro was playing FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT 20) and had just earned a rare card for a player that would be added to his team. When Castro saw the French flag pop up, he got really excited about getting Kylian Mbappe, who is regarded as one of the best young players in the world.

Instead, Castro got Aymeric Laporte, a French defenseman, and his fury over the disappointment was something to watch.

Laporte saw the viral video and offered a response on Twitter, joking “sorry for your loss bro”.

That is just too much. And I can’t stop watching the video.

Adam Sandler is a baller! Video highlights from his pickup game in Atlanta

Adam Sandler basketball

Adam Sandler is a confirmed baller.

Sandler was in Atlanta this week promoting his new movie “Uncut Gems”, which also stars Kevin Garnett. Sandler is known for his love of basketball and frequently seen sitting courtside at various NBA games. He also loves to play and will often join random pickup games to get some run.

On Thursday, Sandler went to an LA Fitness in Atlanta and played in a pickup game. We put together this great highlight video of him balling out. Sandler drained a bucket, made a reverse layup, and dished some sick passes. Take a look:

Later in the evening after balling out at LA Fitness, Sandler joined “Inside the NBA” on TNT after the Houston Rockets-LA Clippers game to promote “Uncut Gems.” Garnett has made some headlines for what he’s said in interviews. Sandler has been receiving Oscar buzz for his role in the movie.

Also, Sandler’s baggy ’90s style clothing has been receiving plenty of attention. If the clothes help him play that well, we have to leave him alone about it.

Video: Adam Sandler goes viral for this impressive pass in basketball pickup game

Adam Sandler went viral on Thursday night for an impressive pass he threw during a basketball pickup game.

Sandler was playing ball at an LA Fitness gym in Atlanta. Someone who claimed to be playing in the game and the recipient of a great pass from the movie mogul shared this video on Twitter:

Look at Sandler whipping that pass in there for the sweet dime.

Sandler’s affinity for basketball pickup games has long been known. There are plenty of stories of Sandler joining random pickup games while on the road.

The actor and filmmaker has been promoting his upcoming movie “Uncut Gems” along with Kevin Garnett. KG has even made some headlines for what he’s said in interviews. Sandler has been receiving Oscar buzz for his role in the movie.

As for his baggy clothes while playing ball, well, maybe Sandler’s fashion is stuck in the ’90s.

Joe Carter shares story behind epic Derek Bell car prank

Derek Bell prank

An epic prank pulled by Joe Carter on former teammate Derek Bell has gone viral this week, and Carter shared the great story behind it.

On October 4, 1992, the Toronto Blue Jays were playing their last game of the regular season and celebrated “Fan Appreciation Day.” Bell was a 23-year-old outfielder with the team that year, and since the Jays had already clinched the AL East, the youngster got the start in the game.

So Carter, who was the star of the team, decided to mess with Bell by driving the youngster’s car onto the field as part of a mock raffle to give away the car to a fan. The entire thing, including Bell’s reaction, is fantastic.

Despite being 27 years old, the video went viral this week, so MLB Network had Carter on as a guest to tell the story of the prank.

“In Toronto, they gave us cars. Honda was a sponsor, so everyone had the same car. But Derek decided to drive his car. And he loved his Jeep. And he talked about his sound system — the sound system cost more than the car itself!” Carter said.

“We knew that [Bell] was going to play. I’m sitting in the clubhouse the day before, I said ‘Derek’s playing tomorrow because we’ve already clinched. It’s fan appreciation day, we’re going to get his Jeep.”

Carter said he had the clubhouse guy get the car cleaned. Then when Carter took the car onto the field, he played a Blue Jays rap song through Bell’s famed sound system. But before he was able to drive the car, he hit a snag — he was having trouble starting the car due to a special ignition system.

What a great story.

The Jays went on to win the World Series that year and repeated the following year.

We’ve seen some other funny baseball pranks, even one involving a car as well. But nothing tops this one. What a classic.

Bagel Boss guy Chris Morgan posted height meltdowns at 7/11, bar on his YouTube channel

short guy bagel shop video

Wednesday’s video that went viral online of a man melting down at a Bagel Boss store in Long Island apparently is not the first time the guy had a major run-in on camera over his height.

The man, who has since been identified as Chris Morgan, has his own YouTube channel where he has been uploading videos, including two of him in encounters regarding his height. One happened where he got into it with someone at a bar. Another happened when he confronted a 7/11 worker.

Many of those videos no longer appear on his channel, but one person compiled them all in one video. The bar video begins at 31:51 in this video and the 7/11 incident at 38:00.

Morgan was also interviewed by “Inside Edition.” The best part is they sent the tallest person on their staff to conduct the interview.

This guy is an internet legend. Need more videos.

Short guy at Bagel Boss shop video goes viral and has second part

short guy bagel shop video

A video of a short man melting down at a bagel shop went viral online Wednesday, but there is actually a second video most haven’t seen that shows the aftermath.

The video was shared by a Twitter user named Olivia Bradley on early Wednesday morning. It shows a woman asking a man why he thinks it’s OK to degrade women. He responds in an enraged fashion, screaming about women discriminating against him in the dating world due to his height. The man then aggressively tells a bystander to shut his mouth and challenges him to fight. Another person tells the man to be quiet, so the short guy challenges him. He accepted and dropped the guy to the ground.

This video was seen by many, but there is a second video that most hadn’t seen. It shows the aftermath.

That dude has some serious problems.

The owner of the Bagel Boss location in Long Island, New York where the incident took place used the viral moment as a marketing opportunity and is offering free mini bagels to those who mention the video.

Way to go, Donald.

Wondering what preceded the video being captured? The woman whose friend recorded the video told BuzzFeedNews that they were waiting in line to order “when they noticed the man pacing and ‘muttering angrily’ to himself, saying the word ‘stupid and something to the effect of ‘can’t do their jobs.’ She said the man started to berate the woman employee behind the counter and then told another employee ‘don’t look at me like that.'”

Congratulations, bro. You are now forever known for your bagel shop meltdown.