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Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Watch: This 9-year-old girl has great pitching mechanics

pitching girl

A video of a 9-year-old girl throwing a pitch is receiving attention online because of the girl’s excellent mechanics.

Matt Lisle, the hitting coach at Missouri who also has a significant online following, tweeted a video of the girl throwing a pitch. He says she is nine years old.

From her head angle to the way she uses her back leg to push off and then decelerate, to the way she separates her arm, her mechanics were outstanding. They’re even more impressive when you consider her age.

Plenty of popular figures in the baseball world reacted. Former Cy Young winner Orel Hershiser said the girl has a better delivery than he did.

Olympic softball hero and ESPN analyst Jessica Mendoza said “love it.”

Even MLB’s official Twitter account was all about it.

It’s one thing to be able to throw hard at a young age. But to also have excellent mechanics is an indicator of an ability to continue to improve and get the most out of one’s body. Mo’Ne Davis better watch out!

Watch: Little Leaguer boasts about hitting ‘dingers’ in awesome player intro

Alfred Delia

Confidence is a key to being successful in sports. One Little Leaguer already has that part of the game down.

Alfred Delia, a Little League player for Middletown, New Jersey, has become a viral hit for his awesome player intro video. In his intro that was shown on ESPN prior to New Jersey’s Little League regional game against Maryland, Delia was beaming with bravado.

“Hi, my name is Alfred Delia. At home they call me ‘Big Al,’ and I hit dingers.”

Unfortunately for Big Al, his team lost 11-1 and he only got one at-bat in the game, going 0-for-1. Though Delia didn’t leave the yard in New Jersey’s three Eastern Region games, he went an impressive 4-for-5.

We’re thankful he provided us the best Little League get-to-know-you moment since this kid in 2014.

Watch: Little Leaguer crushes home run over scoreboard

Evan Blake

The Little League World Series is nearly upon us, and what could get you better in the mood for the summer event in Williamsport, Penn. than a gigantic homer?

During a New England regional game between Rhode Island and Massachusetts on Wednesday, a player for the Pittsfield (Mass.) team named Evan Blake crushed a bomb to center field that went over the scoreboard. His homer was hit so far that the Coventry center fielder didn’t even bother to go back for the ball.

Blake was 3-for-3 with four runs scored in Pittsfield’s 10-1 win that saw them advance to the region championship game. According to reporter Howard Herman, Blake is now 8-for-9 in the tournament.

Watch: Arkansas fan runs onto field at CWS, gets destroyed

Arkansas fan

One Arkansas fan decided to spice things up during a weather delay at the College World Series on Sunday.

Texas and Arkansas were squaring off but went into a weather delay that lasted nearly three hours. During the delay, an Arkansas fan hopped over the fence from the outfield at TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha. It didn’t take long for security to get the best of him.

That was one heck of a hit from the security worker.

The fan should have known better; when you run onto the field at the College World Series, you have to do so in a threesome!

Watch: Charles Barkley’s baseball throw is as ugly as his golf swing

Charles Barkley throw

If you thought that Charles Barkley’s golf swing was ugly, just wait until you see him throw a baseball.

TNT’s “Inside the NBA” crew was in Houston for Monday night’s Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals between the Rockets and Golden State Warriors. During their postgame show, the guys played a game where they threw balls into baskets as part of bets to mark the supreme court’s decision on sports betting. That’s where we got to see Charles and his arm in action.

It’s truly mind-blowing that one of the top 50 basketball players of all time could have such an ugly throwing motion and golf swing. Oh yeah, and his baseball swing isn’t much prettier either.

Watch: Shaq tosses catfish at Charles Barkley on ‘Inside the NBA’

Shaq catfish

You never know what’s going to happen on TNT’s “Inside the NBA,” but you are guaranteed to be entertained.

After Game 1 of the Philadelphia 76ers-Boston Celtics playoff series on Monday night, the TNT crew did their customary “Gone Fishin” segment for a team eliminated in the playoffs. This time they added some graphics to give the appearance of a fishing boat and water in front of the studio set.

They also got a catfish that Shaq tossed at Charles Barkley, who was hiding from it:

And then Shaq closed things out by pouring beer into the catfish. Of course, the whole catfish idea came from Nashville Predators fans, which made the whole thing even better.

Swiss freeski team does great ‘Cool Runnings’ impression

Swiss bobsled

The Swiss freeski team used some downtime at the Olympics to have a little fun and do their best “Cool Runnings” impression.

Over the weekend, two members of the Swiss freeski team pretended to use a pallet jack as a bobsled in a comical fashion and posted the video to the team’s Instagram account. Their caption contained the following lines from “Cool Runnings,” the movie that drew inspiration from the Jamaican bobsled team that competed during the 1988 Winter Olympics.

“You don’t see the Swiss team fighting, do you? You don’t see the Swiss team drinking and carrying on and such. And you don’t see the Swiss team smiling neither.”

Fans of “Cool Runnings” no doubt recognize those words about the Swiss bobsled team:

This surely won’t be the only reference to “Cool Runnings” over the next couple of weeks.

Jazmine Fenlator-Victorian, Carrie Russell, and Audra Segree will be competing during these Olympic games as Jamaica’s first women’s bobsled team. Their sled is named “Mr. Cool Bolt,” a nod to “Cool Runnings” and famous Jamaican Olympian Usain Bolt.