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#pounditSunday, May 22, 2022

Greg McDermott livetweets Creighton game while in protocols

Creighton coach Greg McDermott had a very unique way of watching his team play without him on the bench Saturday.

McDermott missed Saturday’s game against DePaul after testing positive for COVID. Instead of watching the game in silence, the Creighton coach decided to hop on Twitter and offer running commentary on the game as he watched it on television.

McDermott’s tweets wound up looking a lot like your average fan’s. He expressed excitement after good plays, and made sure to praise stand-in coach Alan Huss after one set came off perfectly.

Perhaps the funniest message, however, was when McDermott couldn’t help but question how the game was being officiated.

As it turns out, when they’re unable to do their jobs, coaches watching their teams play really are just like us.

McDermott is far from the first coach to wind up in this situation. Others have actually avoided watching their team play live while isolating. Maybe McDermott will recommend the Twitter method for others if it actually proves a helpful outlet.

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