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#pounditTuesday, April 16, 2024

John Pelphrey Unfazed by Arkansas Newspaper Ad Against Him

Arkansas is 18-11 on the season but only 7-8 in conference. They lost on Wednesday to Mississippi State on Senior Night, prompting an angry reaction from fans. One in particular took out a quarter-page ad in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette to express concern regarding the direction of the program, as I learned via Lost Letterman. The fan who bought the ad is “Y Roberts” of Gulf Shores, Alabama, and the person encouraged fans to sound off to the administration with their concerns.

It was a pretty extensive and persuasive move by a fan, so no doubt the information got back to head coach John Pelphrey given that the ad was an attack on him even if it did not name him. When asked about the ad, Pelphrey put his horse racing blinders on.

According to Arkansas Sports 360, Pelphrey said he wasn’t “worried” by the negative backlash. He said fans have typically been supportive. “People have always been very, very positive with me,” Pelphrey said. “I get encouragement all the time.”

Clearly Pelphrey’s trying to block out the critics, and it’s a wise move. The criticism no doubt hurts but he has to act as if it doesn’t bother him. Some fans are concerned that the action will make them appear like a ruthless base, but I don’t have a problem with it. Sometimes fans have to speak up and give the administration strong hints that they don’t approve. If the decrease in attendance didn’t do the trick, this should.

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