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#pounditWednesday, March 22, 2023

Alan Bowman’s ‘horns down’ against Texas backfired

Texas Tech quarterback Alan Bowman was feeling understandably confident after his team took a 56-41 lead over Texas with just over three minutes remaining on Saturday. Unfortunately, the way he expressed that confidence wound up making him look bad.

Bowman flashed the “Horns Down” hand gesture after Texas Tech scored what looked like the game-sealing touchdown. The Longhorns then proceeded to score a touchdown, recover an onside kick, score another touchdown and add a 2-point conversion. Texas won in the first overtime.

Bowman definitely thought the lead was safe at the time he went “Horns Down,” and who wouldn’t have? The comeback was one of the greatest we’ve ever seen in college football.

Between making Bowman eat his “Horns Down” symbol and the shot they took at Oklahoma, the Longhorns must have been riding pretty high after their improbable victory.

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