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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Bobby Petrino’s motorcycle from infamous crash now up for auction

After being fired last month, Bobby Petrino has seemingly dropped off the face of the earth and for all we know gone into hiding with Sarah Phillips and Gregg Williams. But that’s not stopping an integral part of the Petrino scandal from momentarily returning to the spotlight.

The 2007 “Hawg Wild” Harley Davidson that the philandering former Arkansas coach was riding when he and alleged mistress Jessica Dorrell crashed off the side of a highway last month has been put up for auction and could be yours for less than its value. Granted, there are a few repairs you’ll need to make to the mutilated bike. And by “a few repairs,” we mean $18,000 worth.

The current bid is at $4,600 with the auction ending May 30. According to Copart.com, where you can wager on the bike, the Harley’s estimated value is $16,000.

It doesn’t take a math expert to see that, with the $18 grand you’ll need to make in repairs, you’ll be overpaying for the motorcycle. But this is a bike that has history! Memorabilia collectors who specialize in items shrouded in shame and regret should be all over this one. This is like the Lewinsky dress of college football scandals.

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