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#pounditWednesday, July 24, 2024

Eli Drinkwitz takes harsh parting shot at Dan Mullen

Eli Drinkwitz Star Wars

Dan Mullen was fired on Sunday after just three-plus seasons as the head coach at Florida, and one of his rivals clearly feels no sympathy for him.

Missouri head coach Eli Drinkwitz was asked about Mullen’s dismissal during a Tuesday appearance on 1010XL Radio in Jacksonville. He summed up his thoughts on the news with a savage quote.

That may seem a bit harsh, but Mullen and Drinkwitz obviously do not like one another. The hostility likely stems from last season, when Missouri and Florida got into a big brawl just before halftime of their game. Mullen helped instigate the fight by screaming at Drinkwitz and Missouri’s sideline over what he felt was a cheap shot on his quarterback. Several punches and kicks were thrown by players during the scrum, which you can see here.

After the Gators won that game, Mullen showed up to his press conference wearing a Darth Vader costume. He seemed to embrace the fact that he was viewed as the heel in the brawl. When Missouri beat Florida in overtime last Saturday, Drinkwitz returned the favor with his postgame wardrobe selection.

Coaches typically don’t like to see their peers lose jobs. Drinkwitz obviously had no problem delivering the final blow to Mullen.

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