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#pounditFriday, May 24, 2024

Fans had the same complaint about ESPN while watching Texas game

Texas Tech faces Texas

Fans watching Saturday’s game between Texas and Texas Tech had the same complaint just as things were getting underway.

ESPN was airing the game, but they also wanted to keep fans updated on Aaron Judge’s pursuit of 61 home runs this season. When Judge came to the plate in the New York Yankees’ 7-5 win over the Boston Red Sox, ESPN cut in so sports fans could be able to watch in case the slugger went deep.

However, ESPN’s exact timing could have used work.

ESPN’s cut-in during the bottom of the 7th inning occurred mid-play as Texas Tech was looking to throw a pass.

You think they could have just waited until after the pass play to do the cut-in. That’s how many fans felt. Many fans also probably felt that if they wanted to watch Judge rather than football, they would have put on the Yankees game.

Cutting in so fans could see the at-bat is fine … just wait until after the football play ends before doing it.

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