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#pounditMonday, December 11, 2023

Louisiana Tech player pulled dirty move

A Louisiana Tech player stomps

During a Conference USA game between Louisiana Tech and UTEP on Friday night, Bulldogs linebacker Brevin Randle briefly got away with egregious and dirty play.

Following an 11-yard gain by by UTEP running back Jake McNamara, Randle hit Miners offensive lineman Steven Hubbard, who was already on the ground in a prone position, a bit late. But that wasn’t the worst of it. As Randle stood up, he stepped back and stomped on the head and neck of Hubbard.

Hubbard began to flail his legs after being stepped on, but game officials missed the infraction and failed to throw a flag.

Although referees somehow missed Randle’s stomp, he will no doubt face suspension by the NCAA.

“The referee, who I really admire, came over at halftime and very gentlemanly said that he missed it,” UTEP coach Dana Dimel said after the game, via the El Paso Times. “That’s part of the game. He (the official) was a class act, I really appreciated that.”

Randle is in his first season with Louisiana Tech after spending four seasons with Stephen F. Austin. He is currently second on the team in tackles with 46 but he probably won’t be adding to that tally any time soon.

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