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#pounditThursday, December 7, 2023

LSU’s Kaleb Jackson goes viral for bone-crunching truck move on defender

Kaleb Jackson trucking a defender

Kaleb Jackson is 225 pounds of pure concrete.

The LSU running back Jackson went viral Saturday for a teeth-shattering truck move on Mississippi State safety Isaac Smith. Jackson took a handoff in the third quarter and bounced to the outside for a first down. To finish off the run with a major exclamation point, Jackson lowered his shoulder on the would-be tackler Smith and sent Smith splatting to the turf like a bug hitting a windshield.

Check it out.

Poor Smith was sprawled out on his back making snow angels before he even knew what hit him. He is definitely going to be feeling that one on Sunday morning.

As for Jackson, he is a true freshman who is quickly becoming a household name. Though he only finished with five rushes for 19 yards in LSU’s 41-14 win on Saturday, Jackson had 11 runs for 62 yards and two touchdowns in the Tigers’ season opener. Meanwhile, it has been years since the college game has seen a trucking as savage as that one.

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