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#pounditFriday, May 24, 2024

Fan gets incredible Mike Norvell tattoo to make good on promise

Mike Norvell

A fan who made a pretty wild promise about getting a Mike Norvell tattoo has come through in a big way.

The fan brought a sign pledging to get a tattoo of a young Norvell with cornrows if the Florida State Seminoles upset the heavily-favored North Carolina Tar Heels on Oct. 17. The Seminoles held on for a 31-28 win, and the fan made good on his promise.

Norvell himself reacted to the picture, telling the fan to “wear it proud.”

The picture of Norvell in cornrows from his Central Arkansas playing days first went viral in 2015. It resurfaced last year after Norvell landed the Florida State job. He explained at the time that it was the result of him losing a bet.

We’ve seen fans do similar stuff in the past, such as this great tattoo.

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