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#pounditFriday, December 2, 2022

Nick Saban reportedly still deciding between Alabama and Texas

With all the rumors floating around about Nick Saban’s future, the only thing we can seemingly be sure of is that only Saban knows what Saban wants. In reality, even that may not be true.

According to ESPN’s Colin Cowherd, a “great source” claims that Saban is still in the process of deciding whether he wants to sign an extension with Alabama or leave the Crimson Tide to coach at Texas. Cowherd’s source said Saban is “weighing both sides carefully.”

We realize this is hardly breaking news, but it is not insignificant. A lot of people believed Saban when he said he intended to finish his career with Alabama. If Cowherd’s source is correct, it would seem that Saban remaining in Tuscaloosa is not a foregone conclusion. Those of us who remember Saban insisting he would remain with the Miami Dolphins and then leaving for Bama know that you can never be certain.

Of course, there still remains a possibility that all of this information is being planted by Saban’s camp to create leverage. If nothing else, Mack Brown’s impending resignation at Texas and Saban’s perceived interest in the job has made Alabama desperate to keep him. A previous report even stated that school officials are growing more and more uncomfortable because Saban has yet to sign the extension offer that was put on his desk last Friday. Saban could just want more money, or he could actually be open to leaving for Texas.

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