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#pounditWednesday, February 1, 2023

Ole Miss fans throw chair at Mississippi State players after Egg Bowl

Mississippi State defeated Ole Miss on Thursday night in a rivalry game that lived up to all the hype, and some Rebels fans did not take the loss well.

Ole Miss got out to a great start in the Egg Bowl before their offense disappeared for a long stretch. One crucial call came with just over 7 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, when star running back Quinshon Judkins dropped a swing pass that was ruled a fumble after being reviewed. Mississippi State took possession, and Ole Miss fans threw trash onto the field to show their displeasure with the call.

That was not the only time debris was thrown on the field. After recovering the fumble, Mississippi State drove the ball all the way down to the Ole Miss 1-yard line. Just when it looked like the Bulldogs were going to put the game away, quarterback Will Rogers fumbled at the goal line. Ole Miss recovered.

Ole Miss finally came alive on offense and put together a 99-yard touchdown drive to cut Mississippi State’s lead to 24-22 with with 1:25 remaining. They failed to convert a 2-point attempt, however, and then were unable to recover an onside kick.

Some Mississippi State players taunted Ole Miss fans after the game, and the fans threw more objects onto the field. One even threw a chair.

You never want to see that. There’s no excuse for throwing objects onto the field, especially one that could seriously injure someone. Ole Miss will likely work to identify the fan or fans responsible and take action.

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