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#pounditSaturday, June 10, 2023

Watch: Referees miss targeting call on hit to Jake Browning’s head

Washington Huskies fans were livid after officials missed a targeting call in the fourth quarter of the team’s game against Auburn on Saturday.

The Huskies were up 16-15 in the fourth quarter and had a 3rd-and-12 at their 30. Jake Browning hung in the pocket despite blitzer Big Kat Bryant coming right at him. Browning was nailed in the helmet by Bryant:

The pass was completed for 11 yards but came up shy of the first down marker, leading to a Washington punt. Auburn came down and scored on the ensuing possession, taking a 21-16 lead, which was the final score.

Targeting is a penalty that is supposed to be called when a a defenseless player is struck by a hit that involves launching, upward thrusting or a severe strike with forcible contact above the shoulders. The violator receives an automatic ejection and there is a 15-yard penalty. In this case, Washington would have had a first down at their 45.

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