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#pounditSaturday, June 15, 2024

SEC issues laughable explanation for botched call in Arkansas-Auburn game

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The SEC issued a laughable explanation for the referees’ botched call in the Arkansas-Auburn game on Saturday night at Jordan-Hare Stadium in Auburn, Ala.

Auburn quarterback Bo Nix was given a big break on a spike attempt in the final minute of the game. He fumbled the snap and then spiked the ball behind him, which should have resulted in a fumble (video here). Instead, the referees called him for intentional grounding. That allowed Auburn to maintain possession and take a 30-28 lead on a field goal on the following play. Auburn won by that score.

The conference issued a statement after the game to try and explain what happened. Their defense of the bad call was that the ball was not immediately recovered.

Nobody actually buys that explanation. This is just an example of the league doing its best to try covering for the mistake.

A video clip seemed to even show the referee recognized the mistake.

The error is unfortunate as it cost Arkansas what likely would have been a win to make them 2-1.

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