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#pounditWednesday, September 27, 2023

Tulane coach makes players hold hands as punishment for fight

When Tulane offensive tackle Sean Donnelly and defensive tackle Tanzel Smart got into a scuffle at practice on Wednesday morning, they probably knew head coach Curtis Johnson was not going to be pleased with them. Typically an angry coach at practice leads to extra sprints or laps around the field, but Johnson decided to handle this particular fight a bit differently.

He made the two 300-pounders hold hands.

“Yeah, we had a little bit of an altercation and they kind of wasted some of my practice time so I took a different approach in disciplining them,” Johnson told Tammy Nunez of The Times-Picayune. “If they want to act like kindergarten kids, then I just want to treat them like kindergarten kids.”

Johnson’s explanation for where he came up with the idea was even better.

“Well, I’ve done it with my daughters,” he said. “But it was pretty effective. (They walked) actually until the coaches needed them so it was about 20 minutes. … I pointed it out to the rest of the team. If they as grown men want to hold hands, that’s fine, that’s what you are going to do if you fight.”

Curtis Johnson for president.

H/T Sporting News
Photo: Twitter/Tammy Nunez

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