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#pounditMonday, May 20, 2024

USC DB Calen Bullock crushed on Twitter for poor tackling effort

Calen Bullock trying to tackle

USC defensive back Calen Bullock was crushed on Twitter for his poor tackling effort against Utah on Friday night.

The Utes won the Pac-12 Championship Game 47-24 over the Trojans. They impressively came back from down 17-3 to win the game. The Utes rattled off 23 points in the fourth quarter to turn things into a blowout.

Early in the fourth quarter, Utah scored on a 60-yard pass to Thomas Yassmin to make it 34-24, which was a huge turning point. Yassmin just ran through Bullock on the play and embarrassed the Trojans defensive back.

Fans watching the game couldn’t believe how badly Bullock was pushed around by Yassmin.

That was brutal. But it wasn’t the only time Bullock looked bad.

He was also run over by Micah Bernard on Utah’s final touchdown.

Bullock was unable to make the tackle on Ja’Quinden Jackson too.

What a brutal game for No. 7 for USC.

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