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#pounditThursday, February 22, 2024

Video: Houston kicking tee retriever becomes viral star

Hawk Houston

Friday’s Independence Bowl game between Louisiana and Houston produced an unlikely star in the form of the Cougars’ kicking tee retriever.

For the uninitiated, teams deploy tee retrievers to run onto the field and grab the tee used on kickoffs. It’s not meant to be a particularly big job, and some teams even used trained dogs to entertain the crowd while doing it.

The Cougars have gone one better than that. Meet Hawk, the Houston tee retriever who went viral after being spotlighted during Friday’s game.

ESPN loved it so much they even ran a slow-motion replay.

Hawk’s schtick is nothing new. Houston posted a video of him doing the job in November 2021, and the act does not seem to have changed.

Hawk’s Twitter account describes him as the equipment manager for the football team and a “confirmed legend.” Based on the Twitter reaction, particularly to the mullet and the enthusiasm, the world seems to agree with that last bit.

It is important to note that Hawk’s act is not totally original. It is clearly directly inspired by longtime Houston Oilers equipment manager Bill “Mojo” Lackey, who did the exact same thing for over a decade, primarily in the 1980s. Hawk’s way of doing things is as good a tribute as you’re going to see.

Houston wound up winning 23-16 with a late touchdown, no doubt inspired by its equipment manager.

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