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#pounditMonday, March 20, 2023

Video: Nick Saban goes totally nuts after Alabama muffs punt

Alabama coach Nick Saban delivered a temper tantrum for the ages after his team’s awful special teams play Saturday.

With the Crimson Tide already down 21-10, the special teams unit fell into chaos on a punt return, initially letting the punt go before making a bizarre attempt to field the ball. Ultimately, Alabama succeeded only in touching the ball without actually taking control of it, which opened the door for a Tennessee recovery.

This was more than Saban could bear to watch. CBS cameras caught the Alabama coach having an absolute meltdown on the sideline, seemingly yelling “What are you doing?” with an F-bomb or two mixed in.

Saban has every right to be angry. Nobody seemed to know what to do on the punt return, and there was no reason to touch the ball once it bounced. It was a totally self-inflicted error, and uncharacteristically sloppy play from a Saban team.

The Volunteers turned the turnover into another touchdown and extended their second quarter lead to 28-10. Safe to say Saban will not be cooling off anytime soon, though he’s been in a fairly testy mood all season.

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