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#pounditSunday, July 21, 2024

Hilarious video of Rece Davis explaining what ‘LANK’ means goes viral

ESPN CollegeDay panel

Alabama players have been rallying around a mantra they call “LANK” this season, and Pat McAfee was apparently a bit confused about what the acronym stood for.

ESPN’s Rece Davis explained (or at least started to explain) during a special edition of “College GameDay” on Monday that “LANK” is a mantra Alabama players created that means “Let All Naysayers Know.” Quarterback Jalen Milroe and defensive back Terrion Arnold came up with the phrase and have been selling merchandise with “LANK” on it for NIL money.

Davis began telling viewers about the mantra when McAfee hilariously interrupted and said he thought Davis was going to say “LANK” stands for something much different.

The entire ESPN panel then began cracking up. It was clear that others were on the same page as McAfee.

Davis eventually got back to his segment, which was a lot more G-rated than McAfee anticipated.

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