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#pounditThursday, February 2, 2023

Video: Shane Beamer gets mayo bath after South Carolina’s bowl win

South Carolina defeated North Carolina in Duke’s Mayo Bowl on Thursday, which meant Shane Beamer was the lucky recipient of the mayo bath that has generated so much buzz this week.

Beamer’s team was a heavy underdog heading into the game, but they dominated South Carolina en route to a 38-21 victory. The Gamecocks head coach then had to sit while 4.5 gallons of Duke’s mayonnaise was poured over his head.

The disgusting condiment bath was probably bittersweet for Beamer. He said leading up to the game that he is “not a big mayonnaise guy” but would gladly take one for the team. North Carolina head coach Mack Brown said he’d be willing to let someone smash him in the head with a frying pan for a win.

For Beamer, Thursday was one of those rare days where you would rather end up covered in mayo than not covered in mayo.

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