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#pounditSaturday, April 13, 2024

Adam Thielen had gross reaction to eating turkey on NBC after win

Adam Thielen holds a turkey leg

Adam Thielen had a gross reaction to the turkey he ate during a postgame interview on NBC after his Minnesota Vikings’ 33-26 win over the New England Patriots on Thursday night.

Thielen, Kirk Cousins and Justin Jefferson were all interviewed together by NBC’s Melissa Stark after their win over New England. They were invited to take bites of turkey legs from the ceremonial turkey on Thanksgiving night. Cousins dug in and was taking a few bites, while Jefferson had an excuse for not eating.

As for Thielen, he took a bite or two at first.

But later on, his experience was not so pleasant. Thielen admitted on air that the turkey was “a little dry.” He then walked away and spit out the turkey.

Ouch. That is about as bad as it gets for those at NBC.

Someone worked hard preparing that turkey, only to have Thielen spit it out on national TV. Yikes.

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