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#pounditMonday, July 22, 2024

Brian Burns takes shot at Mac Jones over leg grab

Mac Jones Brian Burns leg hold

Carolina Panthers defensive lineman Brian Burns is absolutely not buying Mac Jones’ explanation for a controversial play during Sunday’s game.

Burns and the Panthers were angry when Jones grabbed Burns’ ankles after fumbling during Sunday’s game. Jones defended himself by claiming he thought Burns had recovered the fumble and was trying to make a tackle.

On Wednesday, Burns explained why he found Jones’ defense to be “bull.” Burns said Jones performed a leg sweep on him, which you wouldn’t do on a routine tackle. Burns also argued that players from both teams were running past them, indicating that Burns probably didn’t have the ball.

Burns said he had not heard from Jones or the Patriots, and closed by wishing his fellow defensive linemen “happy hunting” when facing Jones.

This isn’t going away. The Panthers will see to that. They are angry and want to see Jones face some sort of punishment for what they clearly feel was a dangerous play that could have caused injury.

The good news for the Panthers is that the NFL is looking at the play. The bad news for them is that it doesn’t sound like Jones will face significant punishment even under a worst-case scenario.

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