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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Cam Newton explaining why he should be on the hands team is hilarious (Video)

Cam-Newton-says-he-was-a-bad-teammateCam Newton thinks he should be on the Carolina Panthers’ hands team, and he made a hilarious argument to state his case.

In a clip played on ESPN’s “Sunday Soundtracks,” Newton is seen telling teammate Brandon Williams why he should be on the hands team for special teams. His argument is fantastic.

“You know what I always ask myself? Why ain’t I on the hands team? I literally got the best hands on the team,” says Newton. “Like for real. I catch the ball every single play from the snaps. I got good hand-eye coordination. Bro, I’m telling you I can catch, yo.”

The best part about it is Cam was totally serious. He wasn’t even joking. It was great.

Below are video clips of his comments. Watch the first then the second. Newton’s last line is cut off.

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