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#pounditSaturday, January 28, 2023

Cowboys wearing helmets with special red stripe

Those watching “Sunday Night Football” in Week 13 between the Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts undoubtedly noticed a different uniform look for the Cowboys. The Cowboys were sporting helmets that featured red, white and blue stripes rather than their usual blue/white/blue stripes.

What’s the reason for the red, white and blue on the helmets? This is part of the team’s effort to honor the military with their “Salute to Service” game. The look is a throwback to the 1976 season when the Cowboys wore those helmets to support the United States’ bicentennial.

This is the second year in a row that the Cowboys have worn the helmet.

The Cowboys’ helmets also have Medal of Honor decals in recognition of the National Medal of Honor Museum, as well as decals depicting the NFL’s Salute to Service emblem and the American flag.

You can see the decals on the back of the helmets.

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