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#pounditMonday, May 20, 2024

Dez Bryant tells Molly Qerim she ‘overreacted’ to LaVar Ball comment

Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant weighed in on the LaVar Ball “First Take” controversy from last week, and he doesn’t believe Ball was wrong.

Early this week, Bryant tweeted at ESPN host Molly Qerim to tell her she “dramatically overreacted” and owes Ball an apology.

He continued to defend his stance even when people challenged him on it.

Bryant later on Twitter defended Ball but got LaVar’s quote wrong. He said Ball told Qerim “we can switch gears,” which is much different from Ball’s actual quote of, “you can switch gears with me any time.”

Other people have repeated Ball’s quote wrong when defending him. There is a world of difference between “we can switch gears” and what he actually said, and more importantly, the way he said it. There was innuendo and seduction to it. She and ESPN had reasons to be upset and call it “completely inappropriate.”

Those defending LaVar by looking at just the words he said and not the way it was said are missing half the picture. That’s like ignoring if someone winks while saying something in a sarcastic voice; you’ve completely missed the point.

The end result is ESPN saying they have no plans to use Ball as a guest moving forward.

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