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#pounditFriday, February 3, 2023

Eli Manning flips double bird on TV, apologizes

Eli Manning flipped the double bird while talking on live TV Monday and then apologized.

Eli and his brother Peyton were doing the “Manningcast” on ESPN2 during “Monday Night Football” between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles. Eli was talking about how hostile and crass fans in Philly are to opponents.

“You go to Philly, you’re getting the double bird right away from a 9-year-old kid,” Eli said.

He pondered whether he should visibly show the double bird and then went with it.

“And they’re saying things about my mom and Peyton. I can’t tell you what they said about mom,” Eli added.

After returning from a commercial, Eli apologized. He also blamed Chris Long, who was a guest on their program.

“Sorry. Earlier I did the double bird. I guess that’s frowned upon, so I apologize if I offended anybody. That’s what a 9-year-old did to me! Chris (Long), I blame you for that.”

That’s OK, Eli. You had to go the full way to just so people knew what you meant. It must have taken a lot for Eli not to flash it back to the fans.

We already knew how brutal Eagles fans could be, so Eli’s telling of these examples is no surprise.

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