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#pounditThursday, July 18, 2024

Ezekiel Elliott wears crop top on red carpet

Ezekiel Elliott crop top

Ezekiel Elliott is really owning the crop top look.

Known for wearing a crop top on the football field, Elliott is also taking the crop top to fashion shows. He arrived at the NFL Draft red carpet showing off the crop top look he was wearing under his suit.

No, Elliott did not have a custom shirt made; it appeared that he just had his shirt rolled up underneath.

Elliott was famous for wearing the crop-top style jersey during games.

“I just don’t like how loose jerseys are at the bottom, so I just tuck it up and roll it,” Elliott explained about why he does it. “I get in trouble for it every once in awhile. I’ll have to come out at halftime, pull my jersey down and tuck it in.”

Last year the NCAA created a rule to ban crop top jerseys.

Of course Elliott’s crop top got the crying Jordan face.

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