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#pounditSunday, May 28, 2023

New video reveals Ja’Marr Chase reaction after Bengals’ final play of Super Bowl

Cincinnati Bengals fans may have a tough time reliving the final play of Super Bowl LVI. By the looks of it, Ja’Marr Chase will, too.

Chase managed to get himself open against Jalen Ramsey on the Bengals’ final play of the game. Had Joe Burrow been able to find him, Chase would have been in line for a huge gain, if not a touchdown. However, pressure from Aaron Donald ensured Burrow had no time to make the read or the throw.

Chase definitely knew what position he was in. New video shows that the wide receiver was so frustrated at the missed opportunity that he took off his helmet and slammed it to the turf.

No, there’s no reason to think Chase was blaming Burrow for missing him. There is not much the quarterback could have done. The missed opportunity was simply very painful.

The fact that Burrow was playing through a pretty painful injury could not have helped, either.

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