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#pounditMonday, May 20, 2024

Jets’ Michael Clemons delivered vulgar 2-word message to Browns fans

Michael Clemons points at a fan

The New York Jets were dominated by the Cleveland Browns on Thursday night, but the on-field result did not discourage defensive end Michael Clemons from telling the home fans how he felt about them.

At one point during his team’s 37-20 loss to Cleveland, Clemons pointed individually to several different Browns fans and very bluntly told them all “f— you.” The Jets lineman walked up and down the sideline repeating the message.

Browns fans got the last laugh, of course. Joe Flacco picked the Jets apart en route to his fourth consecutive game with 300-plus passing yards. That is the same Flacco, of course, who was a backup with the Jets last season. New York could have had the 38-year-old step in when Aaron Rodgers got hurt, but they chose not to bring Flacco back. Fans were more than happy to troll the Jets over that on Thursday night.

Clemons was obviously just having some fun with the fans, but those same fans will be cheering for their team in the playoffs while he’s sitting at home.

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