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#pounditSunday, March 3, 2024

Josh Allen calls BS on Tom Brady hole-in-one video

Tom Brady seemingly makes a hole in one

Tom Brady appears to have his golf swing in peak form heading into the latest installment of “The Match,” but one of his opponents is not buying into the latest intimidation tactic.

Brady shared a video on social media Wednesday that seemingly showed drone footage of him draining a hole-in-one. The caption read, “This is why you film every shot on the course.”

The video went viral, with many people asking themselves how Brady is so awesome at everything. Patrick Mahomes, who is teaming up with Josh Allen to take on Brady and Aaron Rodgers in “The Match,” was impressed. Allen, however, called BS on the video with a funny Happy Gilmore GIF.

Allen may be onto something. If you look closely at the end of the clip, something doesn’t look right with the way the ball races into the hole. It was also unusual that the shot came from what looked like a makeshift tee box in the middle of a fairway. Brady and company certainly celebrated like Brady holed the shot, but was this another one of his social media team’s famous tricks?

Remember, Brady shared a similar video leading up to “The Match” last year that seemed just as difficult to believe.

We’re with Allen. That just did not seem real, and a fake video leading up to “The Match” would be right on brand for TB12.

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