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#pounditSunday, March 3, 2024

Justin Jefferson had good reason for not eating celebratory turkey after win

Justin Jefferson holds a turkey leg

Justin Jefferson had a good reason for not partaking in some celebratory turkey eating after his Minnesota Vikings’ 33-26 win over the New England Patriots on Thanksgiving in Week 12.

The Vikings got the win on Thursday night to improve to 9-2, while dropping New England to 6-5. Kirk Cousins threw for 299 yards and 3 touchdowns, which were spread out to Jefferson, Adam Thielen and T.J. Hockenson.

After the game, NBC had Cousins, Jefferson and Thielen stick around for a postgame interview where they also partook in eating some turkey legs. Jefferson did not actually eat his turkey leg because he had a special grill in his mouth.

“I got my grills in. I gotta take my grills off before I eat it,” Jefferson told NBC’s Melissa Stark.

Thielen joked that he removed his grills before eating the turkey.

Grills are shiny, jeweled mouthpieces that Jefferson keeps in his mouth. He probably wasn’t missing out too badly, though Cousins said he liked the turkey. Jefferson had 9 catches for 139 yards and a touchdown, so it was a good night all around for him.

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