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#pounditWednesday, April 24, 2024

Report: LeSean McCoy recently tried to have ex-girlfriend evicted from home

The domestic violence allegations against LeSean McCoy have apparently come in the wake of some serious issues he has been having with his ex-girlfriend, Delicia Cordon.

A woman who says she is friends with Cordon shared a photo on social media Tuesday that showed Delicia bloodied and bruised, and she says McCoy is responsible. According to court documents obtained by TMZ, McCoy went to court last month seeking to have a judge order Cordon to move out of a home he owns in Georgia. McCoy wrote in the documents that Cordon is his ex-girlfriend and “refuses to leave.” He also asked a judge to have her return all of the items he owned that were in her possession.

Cordon reportedly responded by claiming McCoy had discussed marriage with her in late May and gave her a “substantial gift.” She says McCoy sent some of his friends and family members to remove items from the home while she was away in Virginia, and police made them stop when she saw what was going on using a live security feed. Cordon also claims McCoy had the electricity to the home shut off while she was living there.

McCoy has denied that he is responsible for the injuries Cordon allegedly sustained and said he has not had any contact with her in months. A second friend of Cordon claimed in a Facebook post that McCoy sent people to Cordon’s home to beat and rob her.

The issues between McCoy and Cordon go back quite a while, as she publicly accused the Buffalo Bills star of cheating on her last summer. McCoy also got in a spat on social media with another woman he was dating several years ago.

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