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#pounditWednesday, April 24, 2024

Marshawn Lynch signs endorsement deal with Skittles

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has been providing Skittles with millions of dollars in free publicity for years. In 2011, cameras captured Lynch eating Skittles on the sideline after he scored a touchdown. The tradition apparently started when his mother would give him Skittles after he scored touchdowns when he was younger.

Since Lynch was first seen eating Skittles, the chewy little candies have become a symbol of success for the Seahawks. The team serves them along with its “Beast Mode” burger and fans have been showering players in Skittles after touchdowns. On Tuesday, Lynch finally signed an endorsement deal with Skittles.

According to ESPN, Lynch will receive financial compensation and the company will donate $10,000 to his charity for every touchdown he scores in the Super Bowl. Skittles has also created a limited edition package called “Seattle Mix,” which includes only blue and green candies.

As Darren Rovell pointed out, Skittles could still be getting a bargain by signing Lynch to a deal. Media monitoring company Kantar Media told Ad Age last week that Lynch’s presence in the Super Bowl could be worth as much as $5 million for the company. Supermarkets in the Seattle area have also reported that they run short on Skittles on home game weekends.

If Lynch’s love for Skittles has inspired insane creations like the “Beast Mode” sausage, the power back should be receiving at least some financial compensation.

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